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  1. Vati

    message to Trixion

    Greetings,Its been a long time,but I finally pulled the plug and bought some Trixon drums.I was outbid twice on Ebay so I have been waiting,and waiting til these were avalible. Yellow glitter with a "bit" of black in the wrap.But they are solid and they are mine.I will be needing a few parts...
  2. Vati

    Kent drum expert

    If I remember correctly,there was a KENT drum expert here.Please contact,I have some questions about a Kent set of drum.Thanks,V
  3. Vati

    hi-hat on the RIGHT SIDE

    My right hand hurts so bad from cross over hi-hat hitting,I am thinking of finding some sort of right side hi-hat.Are there any other drummers who use that option??Is it possible to make a stand with the cymbals closed all of the time? It is kinda crowded with the floor tom and other cymbal...
  4. Vati

    hardware/coffee cup tray

    I am tired of settng my water,coffee cup and sticks on my floor tom. Is there a cheap tray I can make or buy that will take the place of the floor tom. I had This Old Drum make me a 16" floor tom in green sparkle. The shell is a brand that they suggested I use. Its new and played 2 times and I...
  5. Vati

    root beer wrap

    This Old Drum had the root beer wrap,that I almost went with,but choose original green.It is a color I have NOT seen here on any thread. If a member has a set in root beer,how about a scan or 2.Matt did a great job on my #1 set of Clubdates and that EbA 59 dollar stuff only looks good from far...
  6. Vati

    trim down cymbals?

    I bought a PING 20" and it sounded just as good as a perfect one. I had the bad spots cut out and lost the sound. It is way to loud even for a crash. Experiment gone array. win some lose some. ANYBODY WANT A 16" PING CRASH?? VERY VERY LOUD!!!!!!! v
  7. Vati

    anybody else use this STICK-HOLDER?

    I got a Vater one for christmas.It makes a great plant vase. You will need to drill a drain hole for proper drainage!! Vati
  8. Vati

    A thread for us fuddies duddies 40 and over.

    Well for Christmas 1965 my dad was tired of me beating on the couch -pillows and pie tins every night watching the Lloyd Thaxton show,shindig or Hullaballo ect ect. So I was going to get a "set of drums" I thought they were some toy types because as a auto mechanic my dad didnt make that good of...
  9. Vati

    red sparkle kit on ebay.....

    Der trommel nach mass angefertigt drinn Deutschland ,vorbel TROMSA.Der allerbeste!!!! V
  10. Vati

    anybody else use this STICK-HOLDER?

    The guitar player I gig with absolutly will not let me know what he will play next. I get an idea what he will play by the way he picks out the first few notes or chords. I have sticks scattered all on the floor tom,but with sticks ,hot rods and brushes it gets a little crowded. So I started...
  11. Vati

    Do you own and still play a Vintage set?

    Nothin' but.... 6o's clubdates re-wrapped in green(this Old drum-16" floor tom by Matt at TOD as well.) 6o's Pearl Presidents 58 Clubdates I added a nickle consolett .I didnt trust the hoop mount... mistake ??? 66 Clubdates that were black...
  12. Vati

    What to do with a great but cracked cymbal

    Play it ,and dont worry about it.Enjoy it! V... The cymbal that is!!
  13. Vati

    STP/Cheap Trick/Fuel concert last weekend

    Yep last weekend on a cold wintery day(in the middle of summer) 107.7 the Bone held a Bonebash BBQ /picnic. It was very kool. Bring the pets, lawn chairs.lots of lawn to spread out, Tons of good BBQ,beer ,wine ect. Lotsa out houses for ridding one of their beer. STP-CHEAP TRICK(NO BUN)-FUEL-...
  14. Vati

    band photo suggertions

    There is a very early Beatle picture with Pete Best, where they are all around roller coaster or something like that.Pete has his snare und sticks. Not a bad picture.I think it was in Germany and astrid ??? took it. Good Luck Vati
  15. Vati

    Hot rods

    The band I am playing in got a new guitar player to replace the piano player. We are playing more up-beat faster songs.I use Vic Firth wand Birch-12.My question is do they made a wand/rod that is more solid. Even though the guitars are amplified I still worry about hitting to hard with the...
  16. Vati

    Who is your favorite "obscure" drummer

    Damn I forgot Cedric Burnsides,grandson of the LATE GREAT RL BURNSIDES up in heaven shakin'm on down!V
  17. Vati

    Latest Ebay BONHAM Madness

    Good thing BONHAM didnt have a double bass set-up back in the day!! I remember he used Paiste -Ludwig Paiste Standards to be key-rect!!!!! He wanted the best!!!!!!!! V
  18. Vati

    Ludwig black and white sticker

    When did Ludwig start using the black and white sticker? All I saw on the "new" hi-hat I bought was Spur-lok,and didnt pay attention to the sticker.Neat hi-hat just a bit on the heavy duty side.V
  19. Vati

    Cymbal weight

    If all else fails,go to thy nearest Guitar Center and to thy drum area where thy cymbals are all lined up, beat the hell outta them until you find something you like.So sayeth Vati
  20. Vati

    eBay Rant! Gotta get it off my chest

    When you fought EbA,did you talk on the phone with ANYBODY?? The persons I talked to( a few months ago) read off a sheet of answers or had to talk to their supervisor. The accent was so bad,I dont think they where in Amerika. The worst part was they didn't understand my questions period..IE...