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  1. Harris K.

    At what year does "vintage" end?

    Theoretically, 30 yrs old or more. But personally I am with Mongrel. Anything after 1979 is not vintage to me. In 20 years maybe.
  2. Harris K.

    Nicko Mc Brain leaves Sonor for British Drum Co.

    Oops. Missed it, sorry.
  3. Harris K.

    Nicko Mc Brain leaves Sonor for British Drum Co.

    You mean, what happened with McBrain and Natal? I don't think he ever endorsed them (but I could be wrong). Other than that, the company is alive and well.
  4. Harris K.

    Nicko Mc Brain leaves Sonor for British Drum Co.
  5. Harris K.

    My restored 1980 rosewood Slingerland 80N Buddy Rich kit

    What do you say when words are not enough? Wow! That's what you say.
  6. Harris K.

    Are these drums made by Ludwig?

    What everybody said. Get them, remove the wrap and clear coat them.
  7. Harris K.

    Always the drummer's fault

  8. Harris K.

    What color rewrap for Ludwig set

    Rich, if you're only interested in selling "for the most and / or quickest", consider one of the 'psychedelic' reissues/copies - psych red, mod orange or citrus mod - available at Bum Wrap and elsewhere. They could be a good compromise for someone who can't afford the real thing.
  9. Harris K.

    RIP Hal Blaine

    So long Mr. Blaine and thank you for the music.
  10. Harris K.

    Two songs…

    Benny, jmato thank you so much! Benny, as I’m sure you know, putting a band together and keeping it is hard. We too have been through a lot, member changes, long hiatuses (is that a word?), disappointments etc. We finally ended up with a lineup that seems to be working, both musically and on a...
  11. Harris K.

    OT: Losing my dad.

    My sincere sympathy to you and your family Kevin. Stay as strong as you can for your mother.
  12. Harris K.

    Two songs…

    Thank you so much gentlemen for the comments and feedback. GeeDeeEmm you are spot-on on all counts, except maybe for the seasoned pros part. :icon_mrgreen:
  13. Harris K.

    Two songs…

    Thank you sir! After reading your post, I listened to 'Mexico' again – I’ m sure that's the tune you are referring to, oh please don’t tell me ‘Coming Through’ too :-D - and I did trace a hint of Lemmy. It's funny how sometimes the brain works. Needs a push. Thanks again for listening and...
  14. Harris K.

    Two songs…

    You think? I can't hear that and I am a huge Motorhead fan, and so is the singer. I guess that our influences - whether concious or unconcious - can't be hidden. Who would think that Lemmy would pop up in a blues rock band... Thanks for the comment. Glad you liked it.
  15. Harris K.

    Two songs…

    …from my band’s first album. Recorded live in the studio in 2 days. No overdubs or editing, so every mistake is there for the entire world to hear :smile:. But I think that capturing the band’s live feel was worth it...
  16. Harris K.

    Sad to hear of the passing of Ted McKenna

    One of my favorite rock drummers ever. Loved his work with SAHB, Rory Gallagher and Michael Schenker. Had the chance to see him with the Band of Friends (R. Gallagher's band remaining members) a couple of weeks ago, and - the idiot - I missed it. RIP Mr. McKenna. Thank you for the music and the...
  17. Harris K.

    Original tune, live in the studio. Drum cam.

    Thank you guys for the input and the nice comments. I really appreciate it. dtk, funny that you should mention the use of the second tom because I wasn't happy with the recorded sound of the first (10'') and I ended up using the 12 more. Its position wasn't optimal for so much use but I wanted...
  18. Harris K.

    Original tune, live in the studio. Drum cam.

    My blues-rock band recently got in the studio to record an 8 songs demo. We had planned to make full band videos too but we ended up having only one camera and it was mine. Sorry guys, next time bring yours. :D It is recorded live with no overdubs. Nothing fancy drumming-wise but I would like...