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  1. Steele

    Rogers swivomatic parts

    Hi guys, I need the following parts. Would prefer the more durable machined swivo parts to the cast fullerton versions 2x 60 degree swivo mount (for 22" BD spurs) 2x machined swivo collet noses (or will consider 2x complete 90 degree mounts) 2x hex BD spurs 3x hex FT legs Shipping to 2758...
  2. Steele

    road trip to NAMM

    hello America! I've been travelling across country over the last month making my way from New York to NAMM where I'll be exhibiting Kentville Drums Kangaroo Hide Drumheads for the first time next week. I'll be sharing booth #6836 with fellow DFOer Eric Sooy and the Blackswamp Percussion team. If...
  3. Steele

    Kentville Drums Sistrums

    This week at Kentville Drums I've been building some very special sistrums for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. These were based largely on the ancient Egyptian sistrums, but with a few modern features to suit concert performance. - solid brushed aluminium frames to increase volume for concert...
  4. Steele

    Leedy Oriental Pearl and the Sydney vintage and custom drum show

    Hello everyone, over the weekend we had the third annual vintage and custom drum expo here in Sydney. I had a booth there for my business - Kentville Drums - which I shared this year with a great artist called Amelia Golding from A+G Painted Drumheads. Amelia's work is second to none and she's...
  5. Steele

    WTB: Ludwig BD claws and T-rods

    seeking a set of 11 (will take 10) T-rods and claws to suit 60s Ludwig BD. chrome plated. Any condition considered. Ship to Australia thanks, Steele
  6. Steele

    three brass shell refurbs

    Hello guys and girls, just thought I'd share a few pics of some brass snares I've been working on over the last few weeks at Kentville Drums. Apologies for the non-vintage yamaha ;) All three were given complete strip/polish/re-lacquer. All fittings cleaned and buffed and a Kentville kangaroo...
  7. Steele

    Leedy 1936 oriental pearl broadway and spartan

    Today i procured some incredible drums. 1936 14x6.5 Leedy broadway dual and 28x14 Leedy spartan BD in full dress oriental pearl finish. Weirdly, the only other OP Leedy that there seems to pictures of floating around on the net was also dug up in Australia. This set was just twenty mins from my...
  8. Steele

    Mick Fleetwood and Kentville Drums

    Hi folks, a couple of nights ago I was fortunate to be invited to a pre-show meeting with Mick Fleetwood at his performance with his blues band in Sydney. A life long fan, it was a great moment for me to be in his presence. He was as relaxed and as personable as they come and genuinely...
  9. Steele

    Roger swivomatic pedal hoop clamp assembly

    I'm after the hoop clamp plate off a 60s swivomatic. To suit the version of the pedal that has two small holes in clamp area to be shipped to Aus Steele
  10. Steele

    NOS remo ambassadors 1960s

    After any NOS remo ambassadors from the 60s. Sizes 20,16,14,13,12 to be shipped to Australia thanks!
  11. Steele

    Ludwig tension rods

    Looking for at least 16 tension rods to suit early 60s Ludwig FT. Should measure approx 2 3/8" from shoulder to tip. to be shipped to Australia thanks! Steele
  12. Steele

    WTB: white felt baseball bat muffler

    Hi guys, Im after a 1960s white felt ludwig baseball bat muffler. To be shipped to Aus thanks! Steele
  13. Steele

    early 70s Ludwig round knob mufflers (screw underneath)

    After at least two early 70s Ludwig round knob mufflers (screw underneath knob) post to Australia thanks! Steele
  14. Steele

    20s Ludwig mahogany snare black lacquer?

    Hi folks, about to start some resto work on a snare that a client of mine found in an abandoned house. Solid mahogany shell with maple rerings, P-338 with 90 deg gut frame, I think it's an 8 lug version of a mid 1920s Ludwig Professional, but would appreciate any info to the contrary. I'm...
  15. Steele

    US Army Field Band - kangaroo hide heads

    hi folks, we just finished off a big order of kentville drums kangaroo hide drumheads for the US Army Field Band in Maryland. Great to see this prestigious outfit fitting out their whole section with our heads. Keep an eye/ear out for future performances!
  16. Steele

    WTB: Ludwig FT leg (late 70s)

    I'm after a Ludwig FT leg for 79/80 kit. must be a 22" leg with the vertical knurling for the top 10" as pictured to be shipped to Australia. Require one leg only thanks!
  17. Steele

    Evetts Kentville Rose series

    Hi guys and girls, haven't been around in a while as I've been flat out working on this collaborative project with Evetts Drums. We just launched the whole series at the inaugural vintage and custom drum expo in Sydney a couple of weeks ago to an enthusiastic crowd. Thought I would share here...
  18. Steele

    Slingerland disappearing BD spurs

    70s Niles era BD spurs required for a Slingerlang BD. As pictured. To be shipped to Australia thanks!
  19. Steele

    ten lug 18" die cast hoop

    Hi folks, after a 10 hole 18" die cast hoop for a 70s gretsch FT. To be shipped to Australia thanks!
  20. Steele

    How it's made: kentville drums kangaroo hide drumheads

    Hi guys and girls, we just finished putting this little video together as part of a collaboration between kentville drums and black swamp percussion. Explains a little of our manufacturing process and hide selection criteria. Enjoy! Steele