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  1. Harris K.

    Nicko Mc Brain leaves Sonor for British Drum Co.
  2. Harris K.

    Always the drummer's fault

  3. Harris K.

    Two songs…

    …from my band’s first album. Recorded live in the studio in 2 days. No overdubs or editing, so every mistake is there for the entire world to hear :smile:. But I think that capturing the band’s live feel was worth it...
  4. Harris K.

    Original tune, live in the studio. Drum cam.

    My blues-rock band recently got in the studio to record an 8 songs demo. We had planned to make full band videos too but we ended up having only one camera and it was mine. Sorry guys, next time bring yours. :D It is recorded live with no overdubs. Nothing fancy drumming-wise but I would like...
  5. Harris K.

    Gluing inlay strip to a BD hoop

    Hi, I am about to attach an inlay to an 20'' 70s Ludwig bass drum hoop. Do I need to use contact cement, or will a regular super glue type (Loctite etc.) be enough for such a thin strip of wrap? Thanks in advance.
  6. Harris K.

    70s 'bowling ball' psychedelic red kit

    A few pics of my mid 70's 13/14/16/24 'bowling ball' psych red kit. Unfortunately the 18 is MIA so it's like a 'Semi-Pro Beat' outfit. I decided to set it up and play it for one last time, as there's a guy who's interested in buying it. Amazing sounding set, and that version of psychedelic red -...
  7. Harris K.

    Early 70's Ludwig blue sparkle Super Classic - Feeling nostalgic

    This was my main gigging kit for almost 15 years, until I sold it a couple of years ago. Oddly enough I couldnt find any recordings with it till yesterday when I found this one. The sound is less than stellar but who cares, this is my gone-but-not-forgotten love...
  8. Harris K.

    Early 70's Psychedelic Red 'Rock Duo'

    Time has come to let go of a great love. We had some great times together but all good things come to an end etc., etc. Early '70s Psych Red Rock Duo, 12/13/16 / 2x20 (virgin), plus an orphan 10x14 of the same period. Probably the only set in Europe in this configuration and finish. Good thing...
  9. Harris K.

    Drummer's response to sound engineer rules

    1. If you suck, I make you suck louder. - We dont suck. If you make us sound like we suck, remember that we know where you live. 2. No, I dont have a 9V battery you can borrow. - Oh poor thing, I can totally get that. It must be so hard for you to bring a couple of extra 9Vs with you, in case...
  10. Harris K.

    Hard To Handle cover live

    'Hard to Handle' from a recent gig with my soul/R'n'B band. There's a mistake by the horns around 1:56 but what the hell! :cool: Say what you like but please don't mention the words "music stands". It's something we just don't discuss in this band... :-D
  11. Harris K.

    Shoot... What do you guys and gals think?
  12. Harris K.

    What do you guys think? (sound clip)

    I recently recorded drums for a song written by a friend, who is a songwriter, guitarist, singer and harp player. Among his influences are Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Leonard Cohen, Steve Wynn etc. I'd really appreciate your feedback, since we are two guys from Greece playing mostly American...
  13. Harris K.

    Love at fisrt sight
  14. Harris K.

    Testing Zoom R16 with a PG4 Shure mic kit

    Hey guys, I recently tested a Zoom R16 multi-track recorder combined with a pre-packed kit of Shure mics (PG4). I wanted to see how good results I could get doing a multi-track drumset recording on a relatively tight budget. I think the outcome was OK, and I am sure that in the hands of a real...
  15. Harris K.

    Reality check

    Our tenor sax player, who is obsessed with tempo, suggested it to improve our time and groove as a band, standardize the songs' speeds etc. It was funny, when everybody turned to look at me when he made the suggestion. I reluctantly said 'yes'... And since we were doing it, we decided to do it...
  16. Harris K.

    Knock On Wood / Sunshine Day

    Two live covers by my soul/R&B band (the original R&B that is, not the newer stuff...). We still need some work, that's for sure, so any comment would be valuable.
  17. Harris K.

    I Don't Need No Doctor cover

    Hey guys, This is with a band formed only for the specific event, a 'mini' festival organized by a music forum.
  18. Harris K.

    Scofield/Mayer - 'I Don't Need No Doctor'

    Yes, the drums are louder than everything else. Sorry but you should have made better use of your volume knobs guys! :-D Note: Original, R. Charles' version coming soon.
  19. Harris K.

    Green Onions Jam

    We got together with some friends the other day and jammed. Here's a sample: P.S. The snare is a newer Tama Superstar, which belongs to the rehearsal studio. It may not be so obvious from the recording, but up close it is one of the best sounding...
  20. Harris K.

    'Caravan' cover

    Our take on a jazz classic, with a shot of tequila... ;) Home recording, e-drums (unfortunately), programmed bass guitar (unfortunately again). Shoot!