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    O.T. New Stones Song "Living in a Ghost Town"

    Here's the vaccine for the coronavirus we've been waiting for.
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    String quartet?

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    On Drums: Stewart Copeland

    Here's an interesting look at drums and drummers.
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    Ringo in Atlanta

    Ringo performed at the fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta last night and I was fortunate enough to be in the second row. The Fox is an ornate piece of Atlantas history with pristine sound and that was the case last night. Ringo was his usual, loveable self and the All-Starrs just keep getting...
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    Happy Birthday Sander Nelson

    Two words; Teen Beat
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    Happy Birthday Bun E. Carlos

    Have a great day!
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    RIP Bob Burns - Lynyrd Skynyrd

    The Atlanta newspaper is reporting that Robert Burns died in a single car crash in Bartow County, GA. I enjoyed his drumming and he will be missed.
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    Long Island Drum Center

    I strongly advise against attempting to do business with Long Island Drum Center. I placed a web order with them for a conga rim that they advertised would ship in 5-7 days. It's been over a month and I still have not received the rim but the charge has appeared on my credit card statement. They...
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    Gimme Shelter

    I just watched Gimmie Shelter for the first time in a long while and it was just as powerful as I remembered it. I noticed that the drummers for both the Flying Burrito Bros and the Jefferson Airplane seemed to be playing Ludwig sets. Spencer Dryden's looked to be Sparkling Pink Champagne but I...
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    Guinness World Records Drum kit 2014

    The largest drum kit is a 5.2 : 1 scale replica and was created by Drumartic (Austria). It was presented and measured in Lienz, Austria.
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    Happy Birthday Ginger Baker

    I know he's a polarizing person but his innovative drumming skills have influenced many. Check out the movie "Beware of Mr. Baker" to hear the praise from other musicians. Dub
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    Happy Birthday Dino Danelli

    For me, Dino will always be one of the coolest drummers from the 60's. Great ability and showmanship. There's an interesting article on him in the Bob Cianci (remember him?) book, Great Rock Drummers of the Sixties.
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    Joe Morello

    In observance of Joe's birthday today, I've been listening to the DBQ at Carnegie Hall CD. His playing on Bossa Nova USA is, arguably, his most innovative performance on record. Argue?
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    New Classic Maples

    This Jazzette kit came today and I'm really happy with the Classic Maple sound. I have played 60's Ludwig for 50 plus years but I'm loving the sound of this kit. Thanks to Uli at the Drum Dealer in Chicago for putting this kit together and ordering another kit for me in Super Classic sizes. Any...
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    Artimus Pyle

    I've been listening to some old Skynyrd and have been impressed with Pyle's playing. He took an unique approach to many of the songs and his work on the cymbals and toms adds a lot to their material. I know he had some legal trouble many years ago but have to figure he is still playing. Has...
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    Krupa - born this date 1909

    He was one of the most influential drummers of the 20th century. I'm listening to Drummer Man on the Verve label.
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    Ludwig Anniversary Badges

    I realize I'm about a year or so late, but I'd like to order a set of Legacy Exotics with the Anniversary badges. Is this an impossible quest or are the badges still available? Thanks.
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    Ludwig P4 Practice Pad

    I wanted to upgrade my practice pad from a WFL Porto Pad and decided on the P4. It arrived today and so far I've been very pleased. It has 4 different surfaces and can be placed in a snare stand or on a cymbal stand. Here's a link to a demo My link
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    Asheville Drum Circle

    I just got back from playing with the Asheville Drum Circle and it was a fun experience. The 50 or so drummers had the crowd of several hundred dancing and grooving to the beat. If you're ever in Asheville, I recommend the Friday nite drum circle at Pritchard Park