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  1. Steele

    Today's Shocking Revelation: Australia Has Eight Drum Manufacturers! Eight!

    two points - 1) Maybe shocking to you 2) this article is garbage and I'm embarrassed to have ever been included in it. Poorly written, poorly researched and several major builders omitted (yes - hope you're sitting down - we have far more than 8)
  2. Steele

    Who here has actually played calfskin heads?

    There is no particular need to moisten our (kentville) heads during installation, hence why it is not mentioned in our instructions. Some people prefer to do so, which is totally fine, but all of our heads are pre-crowned and should take on the contour of any bearing edges easily enough without...
  3. Steele

    Who here has actually played calfskin heads?

    In terms of our fine gauge - we don't stock them with any of our stores besides Steve Weiss Music because we simply can't produce the same quantity of fine gauge as we can medium and heavy, so it's not practical to commit to stocking in stores. Also, the demand for fine gauge is largely limited...
  4. Steele

    recutting edges - the luddy seam

    yes exactly, bearing on top of the router bit will trace the outside of the shell, so a step where the wrap overlaps or irregularity resulting from any extra thickness from the so called scarf hump in an old ludwig shell will definitely throw things out slightly. Tidying up this spot by hand...
  5. Steele

    "Holds Its Tuning Well"

    I would appreciate a link to the thread you are referring to. I certainly have no recollection of any such interaction with you
  6. Steele

    Evans 56 ( vs Kentville)

    Hi Jaymandude, Steele here from Kentville Drums. If you would like a few additional tips on tuning/storage/workarounds to get the most out of your roo heads in a humid climate please feel free to email me at [email protected] We have the basics outlined on the packaging which I'm sure...
  7. Steele

    Earthtone head

    Fantastic! thanks for the kind words mate. They are in stock at Pro Percussion AG in Basel, Switzerland and at Thomann in Bamburg, Germany. We also have ten stores stocking across the UK. Beyond that, we also ship worldwide direct to customers. Feel free to email if you'd like some more...
  8. Steele

    Earthtone head

    regarding the fires - don't worry! all is well here. The fires came very close to our workshop but the danger has now passed and the fire is out in our area As for some of the other heads on the market, price will often reflect the material costs and rightly so. Be wary however of some US based...
  9. Steele

    Drum shops in Sydney and Melbourne?

    Welcome to Australia! Our heads are in stock at GH Music in Melbourne. In Sydney you're best to contact me directly though you can find some 14" mediums at Optimum Percussion in Burwood. Drums and Percussion co-op is in its death throws and we no longer stock with them. Feel free to email me if...
  10. Steele

    Kentville heads for Rock?

    Kev, if the video you shared is representative then you aren't a particularly heavy hitter and our heads would be perfect for you. I'd still suggest the heavy gauge, and you could comfortably play jazz on that too. The medium offers more sensitivity and a more open tone. Medium is slightly more...
  11. Steele

    Ordered 2 Kentville roo heads today.

    Hi everyone, addressing this first - I'm curious where you bought these heads from if they didn't come with set up instructions? All heads sold through all of my stores or purchased directly from me come with clear set up instructions attached to the packaging. Not to worry though, if you want...
  12. Steele

    Rogers swivomatic parts

    Hi guys, I need the following parts. Would prefer the more durable machined swivo parts to the cast fullerton versions 2x 60 degree swivo mount (for 22" BD spurs) 2x machined swivo collet noses (or will consider 2x complete 90 degree mounts) 2x hex BD spurs 3x hex FT legs Shipping to 2758...
  13. Steele

    the amazing Lachy Doley Band!!

    Ah very nice! great bunch of guys x
  14. Steele

    Kentville Kangaroo heads

    xx The heavy gauge will give you more of a conventional controlled sound. Fine and medium gauge are more open and sensitive. We have lots of players using the heavy on snare in a funk, rock, fusion setting. thanks for all the positive feedback and insights people :)
  15. Steele

    road trip to NAMM

    Hi Rick, I'll be meeting with some Canadian shops at the show. Will keep you posted ;)
  16. Steele

    road trip to NAMM

    hello America! I've been travelling across country over the last month making my way from New York to NAMM where I'll be exhibiting Kentville Drums Kangaroo Hide Drumheads for the first time next week. I'll be sharing booth #6836 with fellow DFOer Eric Sooy and the Blackswamp Percussion team. If...
  17. Steele

    Namm 2018

    And Todd Sucherman with Styx in Beverley Hills on the 28th! alive, these guys can still harmony sing like nobody's business
  18. Steele

    Kentville Kangaroo heads

    Thanks for all the interest guys. To address a couple of queries: 14" heads are available from Steve Weiss Music and Philadelphia Drums and Percussion in PA. Main Drag Music in Brooklyn will also be stocking in the next month and I'll be announcing more stateside dealers in February. Across the...
  19. Steele

    Namm 2018

    THE Steele Turkington?? I gotta see this
  20. Steele

    Kentville Kangaroo heads

    Hi Gerry, thanks for picking up a head from Drumshack. Glad you're loving it! I invite anyone with any (understandable) concerns regarding animal cruelty to contact me directly or check out the info on my website regarding our sustainable and ethical use of kangaroo hide which is a by-product of...