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  1. TheDrummerFromAmsterdam

    Help identify this DW snare?

    The DW/Craviotto snares were made during the second generation and later.
  2. TheDrummerFromAmsterdam

    Help identify this DW snare?

    It could be, but it could have signs on the inside usually when this has been done. It could be very well an original and thatn its quite rare as bigger was the usual norm back then. Back then they were called collectors already, but it didn’t say so on the badge. The badge is what we would...
  3. TheDrummerFromAmsterdam

    Wanted. Yamaha Club Custom shells in Black Swirl

    Updated the wanted list, and added pictures!!
  4. TheDrummerFromAmsterdam

    The orphanage - drums to complete your set

    I am in dire need of a Yamaha Club Custom 20x15 bass drum (preferably virgin, but I can work around one with a mount) and 18x16 floor tom in Black Swirl. I can buy (part of) a set if it includes one of these shells too.
  5. TheDrummerFromAmsterdam

    Help identify this DW snare?

    The badge would date it 80’s until 1993. But I didn’t knew they made these smaller sizes back then already. Could be a shortened tom or someone who added the hardwsre to a small shell to get a popcorn snare. The strainer was put on it later on.
  6. TheDrummerFromAmsterdam

    # bring big drums back!

    Yes. It was one of the early drums Yamaha haed with the adjustable duckfoot riser. Obviously as it wouldn’t wirk without one. The only upgrade that design could use is make it a bit more sleeker and use the new smaller bd bracket.
  7. TheDrummerFromAmsterdam

    Drumeo QuietKick

    It was part of DW’s practice series and they took the idea and parts from Bob Gatzen’s B.O.A. Design. Its springless (and thus silent) because the footboard gives the flex. Its tension is adjustable by setting it forwards or backwards. The throw is adjusted by raising or lowering the...
  8. TheDrummerFromAmsterdam

    Potential Sale through Reverb Interaction: What Would You Do?

    It wouldn’t be justified if it was a person that was side-stepped. But in this case its a Forbes listed company and he already had a sale so paid his dues to the company to keep the platform alive, so no harm would be done anyways. I would have had more sympathy for that way of thinking in the...
  9. TheDrummerFromAmsterdam

    Drumeo QuietKick

    These are still the best ever made for me. Silent, proper (adjustable) feel, and they fit in a bag for travling very easy. They don't pop up often but if you see one, get it (I got them both in. Year's timespan).
  10. TheDrummerFromAmsterdam

    Potential Sale through Reverb Interaction: What Would You Do?

    Etsy makes tonnes of money from Reverb whilst letting go a lot of employees, whilst increase fees for instance. It isn’t the company that works with love by and for musicians anymore. So don’t do it for them. Yes he found it through Reverb, but he sold his kit already. This is just a sale...
  11. TheDrummerFromAmsterdam

    Potential Sale through Reverb Interaction: What Would You Do?

    Nothing scammy about that. I do this often with reverb listings that are not active anymore. I either ask if the seller still has the drum (if is listed under ''ended''), or if I can get in touch with the new owner (if listed under ''sold). So option 2. Sell it outside of Reverb without all...
  12. TheDrummerFromAmsterdam

    Yamaha Ishibashi Snare

    Did you ever got it? I bought it online but they they said it was sold instore so they refunded me. I still would love to buy it as its 13” and I need a 13 maple Yamaha piccolo.
  13. TheDrummerFromAmsterdam

    # bring big drums back!

    Love me some big drums! 12/16/24 But for traveling I like a smaller kick too. Combine the two and you have the best of both worlds. I hope I can find an 18 floor with this kit too someday. And I'm planning on getting my old 20'' custom Oak gong drum back in the mix.
  14. TheDrummerFromAmsterdam

    Manu Katche

    Manu was the reason my love for drums and Yamaha fired up, Secret World is such an amazing album. This was the casette pops always popped in when we went on road trips. When they did the Back To Front tour I went to see it solo, and danced in fromt of the stage at “In Your Eyes”. I had the...
  15. TheDrummerFromAmsterdam

    What's Your Latest Drum Purchase?

    Just picked this beauty up. It even has the original bag AND internal mute (that one is missing usually). I can't wait to gig it.
  16. TheDrummerFromAmsterdam

    Yamaha Signature Snares

    You can still buy my 6,5. I haven't heard back from you.
  17. TheDrummerFromAmsterdam

    Yamaha Signature Snares

    Weckl alu 5,5 spotted. Non-original hoops though.
  18. TheDrummerFromAmsterdam

    15" toms - Which famous drummers use them?

    15x13, and 18x15 indeed From last month’s vid
  19. TheDrummerFromAmsterdam

    10”x8” vs 12”x8” vs 13”x9” Tom

    10x7 and 12x7 when used with a 22”. 12x8 when it is used with a 24”.