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  1. hefty

    Grosgrain Ribbon on your Snares. Let's discuss...

    I saw someone post on here recently about grosgrain affecting the sound by slightly dampening the reso head. It is certainly more material touching that head relative to cord... but not something I've noticed myself at all.
  2. hefty

    Ludwig COB snare drums. the new ones vs the pre serial ones

    I had a '59 transition badge Super Ludwig in player's condition that was pretty sweet. But I sold it and bought a modern Black Beauty and a couple other things. I didn't have them side by side but I liked the BB better. The '59 felt finicky to me-- when it was on, it was magical. But in some...
  3. hefty

    What kind of money should I be asking for these drums ?

    I was pricing out nice B/O badge 402s recently and nice examples (but not NOS) seemed to fetch $900+. Of course the B/O badge ones have the Bonham thing, but keystone badge ones are much less common. So I'd think a keystone badge 402 in really good shape (again, not NOS) would fetch $1K pretty...
  4. hefty

    Have you switched drum stick sizes over the years?

    I was 5A's forever but then what I assume was a mistake sale happened on Reverb for 5B Extreme Vic Firth's for $2.99/pair and I bought 20 pairs and have been a 5B Extreme guy ever since. It happened to coincide with me playing in a louder band so that was nice.
  5. hefty

    Think I'm gonna put the sticks down for a while

    Your story sounds familiar! When covid hit all gigs went away and eventually I lost motivation to play and practice drums by myself. So I also turned to learning the bass. It was a great re-energizer for me and music making. For a while anyway... the drumming gigs have come back (more or...
  6. hefty

    Learning a set of original songs quickly-- what are your methods?

    I've been working through a set of original songs for a gig in a couple weeks. They're not super tough songs to learn but have their share of stuff-- stops, beat changes, endings not quite where I'd expect them, etc. We're only gonna have one rehearsal. I like to show up to a first/only...
  7. hefty

    So, how good are these snares? Let’s hear all opinions… Gretsch Bell Brass

    Great drum. Mine's not going anywhere. Although honestly, it often doesn't go anywhere out of my house due to its weight (and my laziness). At some point it will see the light of day again though for sure.
  8. hefty

    Fave batter head for snare drums

    Remo coated CS black dot. Once in awhile a coated Emperor.
  9. hefty

    OT - Song Link Game

    I'm legitimately annoyed that they put this song in my head.
  10. hefty

    Let's See Those Brass Snare Drums! (now updated with totals by brand... so far!)

    Some serious heavy hitter brass drums in this thread right out of the gates! Here's a couple of mine. Ludwig 1920's NOB 6.5x14 8 lug Gretsch Bell Brass 6.5x14"
  11. hefty

    SOLD *** Gretsch USA 6.5x14 Solid Aluminum Snare

    Whew! I kept staring at that drum. Somebody saved me from temptation.
  12. hefty

    Drumsticks that make you go "meh"

    Nylon tip.
  13. hefty

    My D’Amicos with the drill less Ludwig Atlas rail system. UPDATE: I put the old ISO’s back on.

    Ah, yeah, it does bounce some with the BRs. I don't mind it though personally and it doesn't hinder playing in any real way. But to each their own.
  14. hefty

    My D’Amicos with the drill less Ludwig Atlas rail system. UPDATE: I put the old ISO’s back on.

    Have you considered trying the Inde version of this? I haven't used the one that replaces a lug but have had good success with the one that uses existing holes from a previous mount (BR2). In my experience the BR2 was pretty dang close resonance-wise to using a RIMS mount and was miles ahead...
  15. hefty

    Need expertise and advice!! On rare gold snaredrum

    Showing pictures is really the only way you'll get people on here to really believe you have a drum like that. And besides, we love pictures!
  16. hefty

    Ludwig or Yamaha?

    Is this trade with a friend? I'm wondering if you could do a one week or one month trial after which either party can back out no questions asked. Short of that, I'd set them up next to each other and play them and see if you like the Yamahas better. p.s. Personally I'd pick the Yamahas.
  17. hefty

    1985 Yamaha Value

    There's lots of great info in this thread. Also this dating guide. It's confusing because serial #'s starting with an L could be 1975 or 1985 but I agree with everyone above that given the power depths and the finish yours are from 1985. There are others here that know tons about these...
  18. hefty

    How many of you are health/fitness nuts?

    I've gotta stay active or I feel gross. Walking, bike commuting, golf (walking), yoga, and swinging a kettlebell are my main sources of activity these days.
  19. hefty

    Show Some Love for Duco Finishes

    Man, me too! I've never had any though. But I even saved this pic from years ago from who knows where as a set I'd like to own some day:
  20. hefty

    Help Identifying Ludwig Supraphonic Year

    I bought my Black Beauty in 2013 and that was right after they had switched the badge style from the one on the drum in the OP's question to the new style that's still used now and looks more like the 60's keystone badge. So given that plus the gasket data point I think we've narrowed the year...