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  1. Drdrumdude3009

    20” Rogers bass drums: MAGIC

    Articulate, easy to play, great tone, punches way above its weight class. That was the main quality I remember and what brought me back home. These are gems.
  2. Drdrumdude3009

    Mojo and patina or dirt and rust?

    I ask this as I have been cleaning up my Champagne Sparkle 1971 Rogers kit. I know that drummers are (in general, speaking) different in their attitude towards rash, scars, rust, etc. on a drum set. Me, also being a guitar player have taken the “earned battle scars” aesthetic as cool. This...
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    Cleaning up an old friend…

    14” rack tom:
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    The adventures of Abraham Rogers

    Back in the 1600s, an entrepreneur named Abraham Rogers decided to take his frustrations out on a rhythmic object, as when he hit his wife, she knocked out the four remaining teeth he had, as she suffered no fools or wife beaters. He happened upon some natives while on his trip to America, and...
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    Englebert Humperdinck needs to be in the RRHOF

    If Madonna, Green Day, JayZ and Dolly Parton are in, why not Englebert?
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    What is the secret sauce in a 20” Rogers bass drum?

    They sound like cannons. I have one. I am wanting to build a small kit with a 20” bass drum, but ONLY if the bass drum can sound like a 20” Rogers from 60s through 1971.
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    O.T. Exploring new TV

    I became tired of AT&T overcharging, so I went with another provider. My basement TV didn’t get new service, so I am relying upon my Firestick. After all, I just need something on to distract from the fact that I am walking or riding hundreds of miles to nowhere LOL This Freevee is a trip. I...
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    Sentence game

    Let’s play a game: look at the following sentence, and change a word and add one. The drummer laid out a groovy beat.
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    Rock n roll HOF nominees that should be…

    Lawrence Welk!!!! He fits in with the rest.
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    My former full-time job was as a hairdresser. I was quite successful at one point. As time marched on, the job didn’t provide what was needed, so this became my part time job. It’s a very lucrative part time job. That being said, this part time job isn’t without pitfalls. Case in point: I have...
  11. Drdrumdude3009

    Who has built a kit using Nordic shells?

    Right now, this is a pie in the sky deal; however- I want something unique and different when things turn around. I am thinking power 4: 26” bass drum, 13” rack and 18” floor in either Maple/Gum or Mahogany. 6 plies.
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    OT Let’s write a story, one sentence at a time

    It was a dark and stormy night, with multiple flashes of lightning.
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    O.T. The travails of switching phone service

    Ever so tired of getting ripped of by AT&T and their ever so crummy service, I decided to go a different route. For one thing, AT&T has enhanced internet, but it literally ends at the beginning of my street. FAIL! I either can work from home or have a Ring door bell. I chose working from home...
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    Did 6 lug Gretsch snares use die cast hoops?

    Have an upcoming project. Did Gretsch from the six lug snare era use die cast lugs?
  15. Drdrumdude3009

    *** SOLD*** Single Ply snare 6.5”x14” $350 shipped lower 48

    This was an NOS Slingerland shell. Bought from a drummer’s estate sale a few years back. Round over batter edge and double 45 degree on snare side. Oil finished. A blip in the wood (shown in pix). Cool single point lugs, DW flip strainer, Evans Strata 1000 batter head. This breaks my heart to...
  16. Drdrumdude3009

    Pitched snares: not a gimmick

    Wondering what in the heck to do with my Trixon copper snare, I changed the batter head from the Remo UT. That helped, but the snare action was still weird. Do I try and source a vintage Rogers Dynasonic or a hard to find modern Ahead set up? No, not for this cheap drum. Enter FatCat Pitched...
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    So does listening to jazz give you jazz hands?

    I have been afraid of listening to jazz, because I do NOT want jazz hands. Which jazz artist encourages jazz hands the most?
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    The wild tales of Jeremiah Gretsch

    A long, long time ago, there was a budding entrepreneur named Jeremiah Gretsch. He was an intrepid fellow, who was constantly reinventing himself and common household items. Take, for example, his fascination with the number five: he took the traditional Colt pistol and modified it to only...
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    O.T. Just was Smished

    I just had the “accidental” wrong number text. I informed them that they had the wrong number. I was then told that I am a good person and it was fate that we met. Then it was the “my name is (female name) and I am 35 years old” answer. I say that I am Dumpy and I am 50. Then the photo exchange...
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    O.T. Who has taken to a motorized bicycle to save money commuting?

    Finally had it! I need a motorized bicycle to get to and from my hair job on Saturdays. It’s not a far commute, but far enough that it can be a pain in the gas tank; also- we are down to one car. I may as well make the commute economical and fun! Will include pix soon!