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  1. mlayton

    Gretsch Starlight ??

    Not catalogued by Ludwig.. but the same exact original wrap here on mine. Great color. Mike
  2. mlayton

    Gretsch Starlight ??

    Starlight it is. Neat find! Mike
  3. mlayton

    OT: RIP Vin Scully

    Just saw the story on the news. Brought a tear to my eye. What a life he lead. Mike
  4. mlayton

    Info on my Ludwig Super Classic?

    Good points from all above. Nothing fishy about the clear interior on the bass at all. My good friend Allen Lewis has a serious focus on trans badge Ludwig's. You can hit him up on Facebook. He has tons of details. Mike
  5. mlayton

    DONE - '28/29 SuperLudwig 4x14 Dance Model #235. In Red BeDazzle.

    Careful in case that is lead paint as well. Kind of looks like it. Mike
  6. mlayton

    Club date info help

    Yes, on the 22s. 20's were 8 lug. Mike
  7. mlayton

    Question about prominent members selling on DFO

    Bellbrass...what do you consider "only a handful of regular visitors"? Mike
  8. mlayton

    Is there a shorter shaft length bass drum beater for 16" bass drum players?

    I've got a few 16" bass drums. I do not use risers on them. I move the beater shaft down a little. I've found that it doesn't have to be anywhere near the center to sound good. Same on my 17" bass drums. Mike
  9. mlayton

    What's Your Latest Drum Purchase?

    A blue olive pointy badge 6.5 402 Supra. All complete and unmolested but got the bad Ludwig freckles on the chrome. Was going to do a full detail and sell but can't decide right now. Mike
  10. mlayton

    Club date info help

    Very nice set there. They look great. Many times the 22/13 in Club Dates were a combo kit with the bass, tom and snare. If the 14 is anywhere near close in serial number, could have been ordered at the time. If way off in serial range, might have been added later like many were. With the 22/13...
  11. mlayton

    George Way bop kit - Billion Dollar Blue

    What year is this set? Mike
  12. mlayton

    EDIT: Acro B/O

    Cats are paying double this on Ebay for the same...strange. If not for the shipping deal from one coast to the other , I would have bought this on the day that you listed it. You've got it priced right. Don't give it away.....Mike
  13. mlayton

    24” Istanbul Agop Turk Jazz ride 2734 grams

    What is it Sinc?
  14. mlayton

    24” Istanbul Agop Turk Jazz ride 2734 grams

    Killer weight for a 24"!! Mike
  15. mlayton

    Early, very thin, Istanbul Agop Signature 22” ride, 1729 grams

    Wow. What a weight!! That's very thin even for a 20.....but a 22?? Goodness! Mike
  16. mlayton

    Exploring new bass drum beaters

    I know it sounds simple....but buy a pair of infant size socks. I actually got mine at Goodwill. They fit nicely over the beater and you will get no wear on the beater. Its just enough muffling to give a great sound as well. They work. Can't recall if I read it here or dreamed it up myself....Mike
  17. mlayton

    Ludwig super sensitive 50’s or 60’s

    My initial thoughts as well Rich. Great drum too....Mike
  18. mlayton

    1937 WFL’s up and running

    Thanks for the info on the badges. I've got a early 7x11 tom that was part of a WFL Royal Maple (?) kit. I used to know the exact name. It's Zephyr lug, wood hoops with dual inlays. It has the rectangular decal on it......You're killing me on that price!! Well done sir....Mike
  19. mlayton

    Good sites for cocktail drum collectors?

    Thanks for the heads up on that group. Just joined. Mike
  20. mlayton

    1937 WFL’s up and running

    Which badge do these have? Mike