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  1. Cauldronics

    invaluable new Simon Phillips lesson

    I caught this on YT just now. Simon breaks down the finer points of rock drumming with why and how to approach the kit and music. There's more than enough in the lesson for any drummer playing whatever genre. I like the comment about slightly adjusting the volume when the singer comes in...
  2. Cauldronics

    I can't get my Supra to not sound like Bonham.

    I got love and hate for the 6.5x14 Sup. When I want to sound like Bonham (or maybe Alex), no problem. To a tee. But I don't always want to. How do you make it sound like a non-iconic snare? No joke. I want it be more versatile. Do you reign in the classic ring with damping and heads? What
  3. Cauldronics

    Finally got a Shu!

    Been wanting one of these for awhile. To mount the Beta 91 in the kick I used a pillow (Kick pro) inside the kick, which dried up the sound too much unless I wanted a clicky, metal sound which I rarely do. The 91 on the Shu and the Beta 52 should be a great combo without the pillow blocking up...
  4. Cauldronics

    What snare is this? Mystery drum

    From my Dad's drum collection, the snare pictured. I guess we'll never figure out the maker but it looks like they knew what they were doing. Known: 12x6 segment or block shell brass tension rods, drawer handle lugs and strainer (inside clear plastic!) Puresound equalizer snares Pearl super...
  5. Cauldronics

    RIP John Burks, my Dad

    I haven't been ready to talk about this for awhile. My Dad passed on February 17th last year. He was a lifelong jazz drummer and the reason I started playing drums. There is a pic of baby me set on his lap with a wondrous, happy look on my face, preparing to flail away at his 1967 blue...
  6. Cauldronics

    OT: rabid fox

    You never know what life will hand you. About 1.5 hours ago, my Mother and I were outside on her property sitting on lawn chairs under a tree when she pointed to a 20lb grey fox about 15 feet away, trotting toward us. It marched right up and started making aggressive moves at my Mom, at which...
  7. Cauldronics

    I bought a dud guitar... what should I do with it?

    Is it me, or is the neck join completely wrong and defective? The bottom of the neck block was painted black to blend in with the body and the neck tilts back more than 1/8"!! To make it worse, when I took off the strings, there was visible fret wear on many of the frets... ground off tops...
  8. Cauldronics

    Why are you breaking sticks, heads, cymbals? (or not breaking them)

    In response to the topic about Steve Smith not breaking a stick or cymbal in 20 years, getting to the bottom of why we do or don't break parts of our instrument seems appropriate. Many replies on that topic explained it to a degree, but here's a chance to back it with data. I know the poll...
  9. Cauldronics

    Haunted throne? Keeps lowering...

    No one is getting behind my kit and lowering the throne when I'm not around, and I think there's an actual mechanical explanation not involving the supernatural, but I don't know what it is. I have the Ahead Spinal G, which is a little different in design than most other thrones, not just due...
  10. Cauldronics

    pulsing wearable metronome - Soundbrenner?

    This metronome has been out for awhile now. When the developer first appeared on forums years ago, proposing the idea, he was mocked by some and encouraged by others. It appears he's having the last laugh now with a successful product. I use Tempo Advance and it works well for me, but the...
  11. Cauldronics

    confession - I dig cheap sticks

    I usually don't even play 5B, but last April I bought two 3 packs of Pro Mark LA Specials for $11 and I've been much happier with them than expected. Apparently, they're factory rejects or seconds that PM sheds into the market cheaply. While one stick in a pair will sometimes have noticeable...
  12. Cauldronics

    Adding output power to a guitar amp?

    So I bought a tiny guitar amp that sounds great through a 2x12 speaker cabinet, but it would be even better if I could get it louder. If it had a preamp out jack, I’d connect it to the the power amp IN section of another guitar amp with more power and hook that up to the speaker cabinet. But it...
  13. Cauldronics

    What guitar strings to get?

    I'm mainly a drummer (as you might be able to tell) who just broke his 1st electric guitar string in probably 24 years. I didn't forget that this would happen, I just didn't plan for it. There are no new strings around my little computer jam room or none in the practice room. So I looked on...
  14. Cauldronics

    Stanton Moore touring kit video

    Stanton's rig looks like a lot of fun to play. It reflects his innovative approach and style. Oh, to have a roadie and play in a band like Galactic!
  15. Cauldronics

    INDe rail mount design issues?

    I know I'm not one to question the design expertise of Josh at INDe, but the low profile drill free rail I just got leaves me with questions. I'm not posting to criticize the rail or INDe (in fact I own a bunch of INDe stuff), but I thought others should be aware that it might not work for more...
  16. Cauldronics

    Bass drum tom mount adapter?

    Anyone know where I can find a plastic adapter to change the 1” hole on my Gretsch kick to 7/8”? I want to use the Yamaha 3 hole mount on the kick so I can get two toms and a crash up there. While I’m at it I have an ‘83 Superstar that needs a new plastic insert on the kick’s tom mount, which...
  17. Cauldronics

    Anyone played the Dunnett Classic Stainless Steel snare?

    This drum has appeared in a few YT videos lately while I'm doing my twice a week snare hunt. I hear punch like Tyson in his prime, cut and crack like a gun range, articulation and definition like the theory of relativity. Clearly this drum doesn't suck but there are no reviews or mentions of...
  18. Cauldronics

    The 3 Main Bass Drum Head Combos - What are the differences?

    There seem to be 3 main bass drum head combinations used by most drummers, and the rest are subcategories of them. There’s Remo, Evans and Aquarian and from those, it’s usually PS3 batter with an ambassador front, EQ3 with Emad front, and Superkick 1 or 2 with a Regulator front. Of course, the...
  19. Cauldronics

    INDe Cymbal Gummies!

    These look cool. Wonder how well they work. Yes, I'll be trying them. INDe cymbal gummies
  20. Cauldronics

    Poll: Vintage Drums vs Modern Drums

    To follow up on the thread about why we buy vintage drums versus modern drums, it might be enlightening to find out how many on DFO have more of one than the other and why. Having been around DFO for awhile seems to point to a preference for vintage drums among its readership, but let’s find...