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  1. blikum

    Your favorite Stones song because of Charlie’s playing?

  2. blikum

    A New Beat vs K Sweet Hi Hats

    Yes, I do have both. I always gravitate toward the new beats. It's just the sound that suits my bands better. I love the K Sweets though! Both are great! Maybe I should try mixing and matching?
  3. blikum

    SOLD! Ufip 18" Natural Series China cymbal

  4. blikum

    SOLD! Ufip 18" Natural Series China cymbal

    Sale pending to Jazzy.
  5. blikum

    Whatever Happened to the Greatest Drum Inventions of Two Decades Ago? NAMM Oddities

    I remember those back in Jr. High.
  6. blikum

    Ludwig Supraphonic LM402

    Can't think of anything at the moment. Not drum related, but maybe a QSC k10.
  7. blikum

    SOLD! Ufip 18" Natural Series China cymbal

    Yup, it really nails that sound. They do make lovely cymbals.
  8. blikum

    Ludwig Supraphonic LM402

    Very nice late 90's 6 1/2" x 14" Supra. No issues, well, some fingerprints and dust. Sounds amazing, just like you would imagine. Original everything except for the Remo Emperor X batter head. If you don't have a 402 in your collection, why don't you? This is your chance to get a nice one...
  9. blikum

    SOLD! Ufip 18" Natural Series China cymbal

    Very sparingly used Ufip 18" Natural Series China cymbal. These are a bit hard to find and they have "that" sound. I played this in a Stones tribute band, and I felt like I was channeling Charlie every time I played it. Just lovely hammering. Italian goodness! Let's do $225 shipped in the Cont...
  10. blikum

    Best compliment you've received about your drumming?

    I don't really handle compliments very well, I never have. I'm trying to get better at it. I guess I should count my blessings that I get complimented quite a bit, I just say thank you then try and move on. All I'm really thinking about is how I f'd up some lick or blew the intro to whatever...
  11. blikum

    Distortion/Vibration issues with Beta 52A?

    I have Beta 52's mounted internally in 2 different kicks and I don't have any of the issues that you mentioned. As the others have suggested, it could be a connection or pin configuration issue.
  12. blikum

    Ludwig gig lite

    Love my Gig Lite kit! Whenever I'm doing a local bar or club gig, I'll toss these in the back of my Mini Cooper and show up to the gig. It was tricky to find an SKB case for the kick, so I used a pan / steel drum case and it works perfectly! They sound great! If I'm not mistaken, these were...
  13. blikum

    Cut down kick!

    Cameron also cut down my DW kick from 18 to 14. Such a big difference!
  14. blikum

    Rediscovering Keltner

    So many great Keltner tracks, this one is at the top of my list.
  15. blikum

    Friday Five-Fer - Foreigner

    Dennis Elliot always played just the right parts for those songs.
  16. blikum


    I played a 4th of July festival in Seneca, SC. Fun gig! Met lot's of great folks and cool fireworks right at the end of our set. They said there were between 10-12k people there.
  17. blikum

    When in doubt, leave it out! Best minimal fills?

    First one that comes to mind is the little fill at the end of I Can't Tell You Why by The Eagles. Don plays this so effortlessly and restrained. That fill in the outro just gets me every time. Although, it's really not a "fill" pe se'.
  18. blikum

    All time favorite drummer and why- you can only pick one!!

    Ringo for sure. I doubt I'd be playing drums if it weren't for Ringo.
  19. blikum

    Live From My Drum Room/Modern Drummer Podcast With Lorne Wheaton!

    This was a great one! I mean they're all friggin' great! Watched it after a gig, chillin at the hotel. Great stuff. The one question I would have asked Lorne is: Where are all of Neils kits located? Sure would be cool to get them all together for a photo session or maybe even a tour!
  20. blikum

    Robert Plant and Alison Krauss Hasten the Death of "Rock and Roll"

    I thought it was great!