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  1. mkelley

    Your favorite Stones song because of Charlie’s playing?

    Song has groove for miles....Monkey Man "I'm a fleabit peanut monkey And all my friends are junkies That's not really true I'm a cold Italian pizza I could use a lemon squeezer What you do?"
  2. mkelley

    What's slappin'?

    Clear Black Dots (or coated Ambs) over clear Ambassadors.
  3. mkelley

    Pink Oyster Pearl Wrap

    C&C also use that wrap.
  4. mkelley

    It Made It!

    In June, I imported a kit from the UK and it was packed similarly. Everything stuffed into the bass drum shell, 13" and 16 tom and the hardware for every drum. Surprisingly the drum is still in round.
  5. mkelley

    Swaping cam

    Yeah, the chains and most of the pedal parts between the 3k and 5k are compatible.
  6. mkelley

    Record Labels, TikTok and Muzik Biz...

    From a 20 year old discussion I had with one of the top Coca Cola marketing/ad SVPs, they advertise a product if it's new/improved but most of Coke's ads are lifestyle based. Mainly to keep lawmakers from going after them about obesity or to show how Coke is a part of everyday life. Now some of...
  7. mkelley

    Record Labels, TikTok and Muzik Biz...

    the second album fallacy
  8. mkelley

    11" rack tom?

    Eames had 17” bass drums at one point, could 11’s be a possibility?
  9. mkelley

    New Help With Yamaha Throwoff

    Yamaha NA Parts They were incredibly helpful on a parts question I had and they resolved it in a couple of emails in less than 2 hours.
  10. mkelley

    The most meaningless and persistently overused word in product names. Stop it ~ get some help.

    That's why I say "bespoke and vintage drums" instead of custom and vintage. Bespoke is usually higher quality than custom, think of a suit from somewhere on Savile Row vs Men's Warehouse
  11. mkelley

    Question about prominent members selling on DFO

    I do not have an aversion from selling on the forum, however some have an aversion buying from the forum :)
  12. mkelley


    The 404 Not Found series In all seriousness, I’m having great luck with Wincent sticks. ProMark started doing this before the pandemic, Vic seems to have more issues don’t know if they still have the stick factory in Alabama but at some point folks aren’t going to return.
  13. mkelley

    Are sales of used just slow or...?

    I did really well earlier this year but after tax season, not so much. Nothing, zilch, etc. Only nibble was someone from Nigeria reaching out on Facebook. I have some fairly esoteric custom drums so it's not an easy sell anyway but jeez.
  14. mkelley

    Premier Project

    stick with hide glue
  15. mkelley

    Dw 3000 dpedal

    You’re right, the 7000s are an older version of the 5000 without the delta hinge but the rest of the parts are interchangeable. I believe the 3000s are very similar and have some of the same parts, the 4000s and 2000s are unique. I have 7000, 5000, 4000, a Camco, and Gretsch in my collection and...
  16. mkelley

    TIPS for removing a stuck Premier snare drum tension rod?

    I’m a fan of Premier. Maybe they’re a bit like a British Slingerland. They built excellent shells, still have great examples of chrome but like a lot of their fellow Brits at Triumph motorcycles and autos, the eccentricities stand out. Why shouldn’t I collect them? They’re affordable, somewhat...
  17. mkelley

    What would be, for lack of a better term, the "big fifth" of cymbal companies?

    I always heard that Zildjian has/had 75% of the market and the remaining companies were fighting over the remaining 25%. Again, like what has been pointed out, sales numbers aren’t shared but I wonder how close that is especially in the new age of globalization with emerging markets like Asia.
  18. mkelley

    TIPS for removing a stuck Premier snare drum tension rod?

    Also @Tama CW, if you can get the lug off and the rod is still stuck to the swivel nut, let me know via DM. I'll send you a replacement swivel nut and insert plate for that lug.
  19. mkelley

    TIPS for removing a stuck Premier snare drum tension rod?

    Those lugs attach to the shell by one screw and each tension rod slides into a swivel nut attached to an insert plate. You should be able to pop that insert plate and the swivel nut out just by pressing the rod at the top like a wedge and forcing it out. Then you can drop penetrating oil from...
  20. mkelley

    Larrie Londin

    Love that it’s a typical Craigslist post and has bad info :) . Larrie died at 48, way too young and kinda scary since that’s my age today.