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  1. hefty

    Learning a set of original songs quickly-- what are your methods?

    I've been working through a set of original songs for a gig in a couple weeks. They're not super tough songs to learn but have their share of stuff-- stops, beat changes, endings not quite where I'd expect them, etc. We're only gonna have one rehearsal. I like to show up to a first/only...
  2. hefty

    New snare day! Gretsch content inside...

    New snare day! A Gretsch G4160B, which is the bronze version of the 4160. Not the super pricey phosphor bronze model, the 1-mm shell one. Got it used. I'm excited! I haven't treated myself to a new snare in 2-3 years. I've only been able to tap on it a bit since it's still early but will...
  3. hefty

    Without thinking, start tapping 1/8th notes with your lead hand if you're starting to play a simple drum beat. Then using your favorite metronome app that has a tap function, get the BPM and post it. You'll probably have to tap 1/4 notes at the same tempo you got from tapping 1/8ths. I'm curious to see an informal poll of people's "natural BPM." I...
  4. hefty

    Gretsch bronze snare drums (4160B and 4169B)

    Thoughts on these? This is the 1-mm thick shell version I'm talking about, not the thick phosphorous bronze version. I saw people on here a while back really liking theirs and lately have been kicking around the idea of getting the 5x14" version. I've got brass (Black Beauty) and aluminum...
  5. hefty

    Paiste 15" Masters Dark Hi-hats

    Anyone got a nice pair of Paiste 15" Masters Dark Hi-hats they'd like to unload?
  6. hefty

    BPM plotting website

    A few years ago there was a website that would plot the BPM of almost any song you searched for. Not just a single BPM number for a song, but a plot of BPM vs time. So you could quickly see what songs were recorded to a click and which ones were all over the place tempo-wise. Anyone know if...
  7. hefty

    Experienced drummers who picked up bass-- how long until you were somewhat competent?

    Like the title says, of you experienced drummers who picked up bass, how long did it take until you felt you were somewhat competent? I'm a long time drummer and am like 6 weeks into learning bass and am just wondering where I might expect to be in 6 months, 1 year, etc. I know there's no...
  8. hefty

    Giving a drum lesson when you've never taught

    So I started bass lessons and it's been super fun. Yesterday my teacher suggested we trade a drum lesson or two for a bass lesson. Thing is, she teaches as a profession and I've never given an lesson in my life outside of teaching a basic beat to people. I told her as much and said it's not...
  9. hefty

    Tips from those who have taken up bass?

    With no gigs or even rehearsals due to covid, I've lost all interest in playing drums. I haven't touched sticks in months. Honestly, after years (decades) of actively playing drums in multiple bands, always working on improving, practicing every day, I was feeling pretty burned out and/or...
  10. hefty

    People still selling (and buying) gear?

    With no gigs, no rehearsals, no motivation to play really, I'm thinking of selling off some excess gear. I'm not super excited to add trips to the Fedex store though. And wonder if people are buying much these days and if the market is pretty soft? I've been really checked-out of the drum...
  11. hefty

    Ludwig Pewter over Copper Copperphonic

    I'm surprised this (as far as I can tell) has not been discussed here yet:
  12. hefty

    Tama Powerpad single pedal bag

    Anyone have any experience with the Tama Powerpad single pedal bag? Pretty much forever I've just thrown my Speed Cobra in my hardware bag or carried it loose when going to rehearsals, but now that I have a $350(!) Dyna Sync I'm thinking of ways to protect my pedal, both when carried solo and...
  13. hefty

    Paiste Modern Essentials 602 15" Hi Hats

    Anyone want to unload their 15" Paiste ME 602 hats? I'm looking!
  14. hefty

    How do you know you are self-mixing yourself well?

    Drums are such an interesting instrument in that they're actually many instruments that we try blend together in a cohesive way, to sound as one essentially. I've always felt like I did a decent job of "mixing" myself as I play since I never heard comments otherwise, but last night at practice...
  15. hefty

    Istanbul Agop Regular 14" hi hat cymbals

    Listed on Reverb. Make me an offer!
  16. hefty

    Leaving drums set up with tom on tom mount-- potential for warping?

    Is there a danger of a mounted tom warping if you leave drums set up long-term (months or more)?
  17. hefty

    Adding a percussion player to my band

    So the new back up singer in my band is also a drummer, and I/we are interested in having her add some percussion parts as well. This is an all originals type band and we're in a writing phase now so anything goes. I haven't played a lot of percussion really and certainly haven't tried to help...
  18. hefty

    The moment of truth (a.k.a. is it damaged or is it ok?)

    Ugh, moment of truth time. My wife sent me pics of this package that showed up today. Inside should be a snare drum. Outside does not look promising. I won't know how the drum fared until I get home from work. Fingers crossed! Also, how friggin' hard is it to decently pack a drum for...
  19. hefty

    Have we reached peak matte?

    Feels like matte finishes are pretty trendy right now. Like we're at peak matte. I used to find matte finishes on drums super boring but now like them (guess I follow the trends). Anyway, anyone else notice how popular matte finishes are?
  20. hefty

    New intriguing (and expensive!) pedals from Tama and Yamaha

    I'm intrigued by two new bass drum pedals from Tama and Yamaha, due out shortly. Yamaha wins for style points, or flash anyway. That does almost nothing for me though.... Both provide plenty of sticker shock. I love my Tama Speed Cobra but may have to try one or both of these. Has anyone...