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    NOT OT.....Getting a daily newspaper to read, use to be important to me. I haven't bought a paper now in many many years, SO I DID A THING.

    Exactly the same here. Gannett took control and that was the end of or "local" paper They just sold the building that housed all including printing - truly the end of an era.
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    I'm a Drummer Living in a 500-Square-Foot NYC Apartment

    $25K in property tax - that's unreal. Now we don't live in a big house (1,600SF) on a large lot but it is an older classical brick home in the city. Our taxes last year were around $2,350 - I guess I shouldn't complain.
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    Way OT - Looking for credit card suggestions

    This is exactly what I have in mind. I have never paid a penny in interest - always pay my bill in full each month. I will look at this closer. Thanks all.
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    Way OT - Looking for credit card suggestions

    I realize this is quite a bit off topic and maybe not even allowed here (if so please disregard this post) but. . . . I’m thinking about getting a new “cash back” credit card – my current card does not offer such. I’ve been with my current provider for over 20 years. Other than the cash back...
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    I Hate Virgin Bass Drums and the Resulting Need for Stand Mounted Toms

    Very cool. Thank you for your input - much apperciated
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    I Hate Virgin Bass Drums and the Resulting Need for Stand Mounted Toms

    Not that I'm in the market but can you install an Inde mount for a two-up set (10" & 12" on a 20" BD)? If so does this require two separate systems or can you mount two toms to one system? Just wondering.
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    Krupa on Mike Douglas...

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    Krupa on Mike Douglas...

    I tell you - that really made me a GK fan. I always thought most positively about Buddy’s drumming (not big on his personality), but this was most intriguing. Gene, I’m in your camp. Thanks RP for posting. . .
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    OT: Anyone watching the Tour?

    Much of it is live on USA network.
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    All time favorite drummer and why- you can only pick one!!

    Maybe I missed it but didn't anyone mention Jeff Porcaro - always a favorite of mine?
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    37 thousand views and 219 subscribers?

    What was that???
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    Gretsch USA Custom vs. Ludwig Classic Maple, hmm.

    You guys have me so jealous – I only wish. In a perfect world I’d be the owner of a 5-piece Gretsch USA Custom in satin cherry or walnut (2 up, 1 down). Maybe someday but not holding my breath. Happy drumming all. . .
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    I know nothing about this so please bear with me. Couldn't one company's B-Stock be another company's X-Stock? How do you know what's an acceptable "B"? On a side note, I am a fan of refurbished items (particularly electronic), so I am probably a good candidate for such. Just asking. . .
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    Studio Build

    I have to agree with ThomasL - if it sounds even half as good as it looks you have an absolute winner. Job well done Sinclair - this is something to be very proud of.
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    Studio Build

    Impressive - please keep us posted. . .
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    That reminds me of this - The plumber was asked what he charges. He said, $80/hr., $100/hr if you watch, $120/hr if you help.
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    Gorilla snot grip resin ... Holy Jane Goodall it is too darn sticky!!

    So your go-to is still Vic Firth's Stick Wax? I too have the "dry hands" problem. I've tried a few (like Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax) and settled on Zildjian’s stick wax but as you noted, it too bunches up on the stick, so I periodically have to scrape it off. Maybe I should try VF’s – can’t hurt. On a...
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    OT - Gilbert Gottfried RIP

    Yup - Rhonda Shear. We watched it often. Loved them both.