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    Yamaha hi hat stands

    Looks like the Crosstown does NOT have adjustable spring tension? Is that correct? 850 and 1200 do?
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    Cleaning up old Tama snare

    6.5"x14" 8 lug Tama Rockstar snare I bought used. Figured I would use this one to practice and hone some restoration skills. Well, really more of "cleanup" skills probably. Going to work on the rims tomorrow and try a few other techniques. I managed to scratch the surface some using a green...
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    Visiting Fork’s

    In Nashville on a little trip with my wife so visited Fork’s Drum Closet. My last visit was probably a decade ago at the old location. So much goodness inside! Bought some Canopus snare wires since everyone has been raving about them and a couple different brands of sticks to compare to my...
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    Thank you

    I have been back on the forum a few months after many years of being off and just want to thank you all for all the information, humor, input and advice I have received since my return. I have even been fortunate enought to buy some gear from a couple of you. It is great to spend some time each...
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    OT: Handles and Avatars

    If I were not lazy I suppose I could search to see if this has been covered already. With Dr Dumpy @Drdrumdude3009 changing his handle I was just curious if there has ever been a topic about the handles and avatars we all chose? If anyone is interested, and I suppose even if not, I will start...
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    Ludwig B&W Badge

    Would it be fair to say that any Ludwig snare with a Black & White badge would be considered "entry level" or "student" offerings? Not knocking them as I have one; just curious where the B&W badge generally fits within the Ludwig family.
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    Cleaning up used gear

    So what are your favorite tools and products for cleaning up used drums and hardware? Things for removing rust and scuff marks and restoring a shine? I used Simple Green and Windex years ago on some chrome. I have used Evaporust on old hand tools and trailer wheels but have never tried it on...
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    Educate me on Ludwig snare model numbers

    Don't laugh, I'm trying to learn here. I guess I did not ask my friend Mr. Google the right question. I want to learn what model number matches which Ludwig snare so when I read posts about 402s and 404s etc. I know what drum my fellow drummers are referring to.
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    Tension rods

    I am going to need to buy some tension rods to replace missing ones on a used drum. Are the thread pitch and rod size consistent across main manufacturers or is everyone different? So what do you do? Do you buy rods of same make as the drum you use them on or do you just buy spares of whatever...
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    Do you care where it's made?

    My comments on another thread got me to thinking about this. And I will say up front that while I have no intention of this being a political thing I do completely understand that the thread will be shut down if it goes astray. I am OK with that. And maybe this has been discussed a thousand...
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    Inde strainer & butt plate on Acro

    I am thinking of upgrading the strainer and butt plate on my Blacrolite to the INDe units. Nothing is broken, just thinking the change would be nice and an "upgrade" as well. Agree?
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    Porting bass drum head

    So, asking to learn something I know nothing about ... If you port your kick reso head do you choose to just cut the port, use some type of trim ring, use the KickPort or do something else I know nothing about? And are you porting for mic use, because you prefer the sound, or other reason?
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    Ludwig Percussion Symposiums

    Anyone here ever attend the Ludwig Percussion Symposiums back in the day? I think I have the name correct. I attended one sometime early 80s in Madison, Wisconsin I think it was. I would have been very late teens or early twenties. Great lineup, at least to me back then, Ed Shaughnessy, Alan...
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    Storing drums in bags

    Have only ever used gig bags for transporting to and from sites. Now I need to "store" a kit for a few months in my house. Any negative to leaving the drums in the bags? Humidity, etc.?
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    Natural Drum Sound

    I love how when Drum Center Portsmouth posts You Tube videos of kits that they cycle through full mix, room only and overhead only mics. Got me to thinking about how our instrument sounds on its own. I claim no knowledge of miking and recording, but wonder how much some kits are "processed" on...
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    Homogeneous Drum Kit, Why?

    So, I have played off and on for almost 50 years. Now that the youngest child is leaving for college this fall I am once again buying a drum kit to enjoy. For some strange reason I seem to struggle with thinking everything has to be the same brand?!? I have already bought my cymbals, same brand...