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  1. kookel

    Love for b/o’s

    1970s Triple Crown: My b/o’s.
  2. kookel

    Let’s See ‘em — symphonic 902 Love

    Here’s mine from 1963. Probably the best 6.5 wooden snare I own. All original except heads.
  3. kookel

    Vintage market gone nutz!

    Maybe it’s me but, gee wiz, peeps are asking ridiculous money for snares – be it Ludwig, Rogers, slingerland
  4. kookel

    Latest acquisition— Luddy supra

    Got this one a week ago. Cleaned and prepped her up. A worthy addition to my Ludwig arsenal
  5. kookel

    Polish a supra?

    Anybody apply polish to a supra after cleaning? For reference, there’s virtually no pitting on this one.
  6. kookel

    Yamaha SD493 brass piccolo $

    Anyone know what the Yamaha SD493 14x3.5 brass pic is going for these days? I have an opportunity to snag one—80s, great condition
  7. kookel

    Ludwig heads — struck it rich

    $5 each. These are 16” and 13” sets, with an extra 12” and 13”. I bought all they had
  8. kookel

    Humidity Level for Drums

    Anybody know the "comfort" range (%) of humidity for wood-shelled drums? My basement studio is usually around 50%.
  9. kookel

    SOLD 2014 Ludwig Black Galaxy Snare Drum, 5” X 14”

    2014 Ludwig Black Galaxy Snare Drum, 5” X 14” This drum was played once and has sat since. Minty, like new condition—not a scratch, 100% original. Snap, crackle, pop! $200 + shipping (US), PayPal
  10. kookel

    *Reduced* Vintage 1960s Slingerland 20-strand wires, 14”

    Decent condition, will sit flat with mild tension. The photos will tell you the rest. Thank you for looking. $30 shipped (US), PayPal
  11. kookel

    Ludwig Pioneer, “OCT. 8, 1962”

    This shell measures 5¼” x 14”, is in great condition, has very little fading, chrome-plated hardware, no parts missing and tunes right up. There are a few chips in the finish and some paint loss on the interior. Thank you for looking. $300 shipped (US), PayPal
  12. kookel

    Removing stubborn tape from shell

    Any ideas? There are two of these pieces inside this aluminum shell and they had a foam piece stuck to them for internal muffling. It’s not residue, it’s the tape that remains. I tried goof off for a bit - no effect.
  13. kookel

    Gretsch Snare #4108 Info

    Hi. Just got this Gretsch snare that has had a rough existence. It needs the correct throw if anyone has one. Also, is this a round or stop sign badge (it's missing)? Thanks.
  14. kookel

    TIPS for Restoring An Out-of-round Shell

    I've an out-of-round pioneer. It's not bad but can't quite tune it. Any tips for rotating the shell on sandpaper -- mounting the sandpaper, sandpaper grade, using a flashlight, etc.? Thanks.
  15. kookel

    Ludwig pioneer, sky blue pearl, nickel?

    Looking for a 60s or earlier Ludwig pioneer, sky blue pearl. Nickel hardware preferred.
  16. kookel

    Need Trans Stamp ID Please

    This stamp seems to fit into more than one trans stamp sub category. Looking for a positive ID! Thanks.
  17. kookel

    Preventing keyholing, Hi-hats

    Is is better to mount the top hat on the tighter side or lose, to prevent/slow down keyholing?
  18. kookel

    Yamaha Live Custom (oak) Tom 10x7 - Black Shadow Sunburst

    Launching a search.... Anyone?
  19. kookel

    1960s Slingerland 20-strand wires for a 14” Snare. $40 shipped (US)

    Here is a set of vintage 1960s Slingerland 20-strand wires for a 14” snare drum, in good condition. They will lie flat across the head with moderate tension. $40 shipped (US). Thank you for looking.
  20. kookel

    Any Viable Alt's to Butcher's Wax?

    I've used Butcher's for years. A can lasts forever. Now that I'm looking to get a fresh can, I'm seeing the SC Johnson paste wax pop up a lot. Anybody use this stuff? Any other products that'll do the job?