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    Vic’s Drum Shop is back!

    Not the same exact store, though the old store pics are on the website. But the website is built out a lot more, and I know that John had been looking to set up shop in that new location (NW side of Chicago) for a while. I just discovered this, so forgive me if...
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    Help with identifying this snare

    Found this snare in an alley. No badge or anything. Does anyone know what this is? Maybe a Royce or TKO? Appears to be 5-ply. Other than the strainer and bottom head, it actually is in pretty good shape.
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    Drum and Cymbal Bags Made in USA?

    Does anyone know of drum and cymbal bag brands made in the US? I know Beato is, but I'm curious if there are any others. I believe anything you find at a local drum shop and/or big retailer is all made overseas (H&B, Gator, Tackle, etc.).
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    Late 60s Ludwig Heads--Modern Equivalent?

    I have a late-60s Ludwig kit that still has the original Ludwig WeatherMaster bass drum heads (both batter and reso). Can someone tell me what the modern equivalent of these would be? Remo Smooth White Ambassador? The coating is definitely more of a smooth sheen rather than a subtle textured...
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    RIP Sam Lay Sad news, though he had a full life. I was happy to see him play a couple times, once on the drums and once on guitar. He had a great groove and did some catchy syncopation...
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    Question on Agop Special Edition series

    I have a quick question. I'm seeing Istanbul Agop Special Edition jazz rides listed as both "Special Edition" and "Custom Special Edition." Are these two different types of cymbal series (e.g., like how Zildjian has the K and the K Custom lines), or is it just one series and listed differently...
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    INDE Ultralight Cymbal Arm

    A little while ago, I bought a one of the INDE Ultralight Cymbal Arms. I reached out to them before ordering to ask what size I should get. I have a 22-inch kick drum and like my ride cymbal relatively low, so I opted for a 16-inch arm and a BR3 mounting bracket, replacing one of the drum lugs...
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    Made in USA Hardware?

    Does anyone know of companies that don't offshore their hardware? I know Axis pedals are made in the U.S., but I'm curious if there is any company making cymbal/hi-hat stands domestically.
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    Play drums that you actually want to play

    Hey, long-time reader, first-time poster here. I just want to say over the years, I've read a lot of good stuff on here, and in the past couple of years, it's been incredibly helpful to get info on tons of things. Reading everyone's comments during this time relates to the title of this post...