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  1. chorga1

    Sonor teardrops - 3 or 6 ply?

    These look like 6 ply, based on snare lugs, or am I mistaken?? Save me before I open my wallet! I'm looking for 3-ply in turquoise...
  2. chorga1

    Bosphorus or Crescent 15" crash

    Looking for something thin or med thin. Bosphorus traditional series
  3. chorga1

    Ozone crashes - esp Bosphorus fx

    Looking for 16" and 18" ozone-type holey crashes. Might be interested in Sabian HH or Zildjian, but primarily looking for Bosphorus Traditional FX with 12 or 18 holes. Might also be interested in a set of ozone-style hats.
  4. chorga1

    Upgrade blacro components or sell?

    Trying to decide whether I should upgrade my blacro with some COB hoops and millenium strainer. OR Sell the damn thing and get an older acro in good shape. The acro is the "warm" metal snare drum in my collection, and I figure final cost will be similar. Curious to hear y'alls thoughts...?
  5. chorga1

    Which ludwig snare is this?

    Supraphonic with new strainer???
  6. chorga1

    SOLD Xylophone for sale

    Newman Vintage Percussion Xylophone 3 octaves Pit orchestra / Tabletop model Also can be mounted on keyboard stand Very good condition Perfect for pit orchestras, lessons, students $SOLD