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    Your favorite Stones song because of Charlie’s playing?

    I just absolutely love that intro. Popping snare.
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    Vic’s Drum Shop is back!

    Not the same exact store, though the old store pics are on the website. But the website is built out a lot more, and I know that John had been looking to set up shop in that new location (NW side of Chicago) for a while. I just discovered this, so forgive me if...
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    Exploring new bass drum beaters

    I've actually ready that too, so I bet it was here. Unless I dreamed it to, ha!
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    Exploring new bass drum beaters

    I got a Dragonfly beater a few months ago. So far, so good. There's also Low Boy, which I haven't tried but come in a lot of varieties.
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    Vintage Kit vs "Modern" Vintage Kit

    Good point and I feel more needs to be discussed about this. For those who've had both old and modern, what has been your weight experience for the "modern vintage" kits in general? I assume some are heavier than others. Even the modern Sonor Martini kit I have weighs a ton for its size, likely...
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    Help with identifying this snare

    Thanks, yeah, I knew it’s definitely in the budget category. Might get a cheap strainer and tune it up.
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    Help with identifying this snare

    Found this snare in an alley. No badge or anything. Does anyone know what this is? Maybe a Royce or TKO? Appears to be 5-ply. Other than the strainer and bottom head, it actually is in pretty good shape.
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    Official Gretsch Drums Thread

    @Drugan's Drums in DesPlaines, IL, via Instagram "Outrageous quartette of 100% original, Gretsch Progressive Jazz sets. No mods!" I've seen these in person and they are beautiful, especially the tangerine and champagne sparkle. The champagne was much bolder and richer than some of the other...
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    Drum and Cymbal Bags Made in USA?

    Thank you all for the responses! Seems like you have to order online to get something that's made domestically. A common Catch-22 for any type of merchandise: Buy something made overseas from your local store or buy something made domestically from a company a few states away.
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    Drum and Cymbal Bags Made in USA?

    Does anyone know of drum and cymbal bag brands made in the US? I know Beato is, but I'm curious if there are any others. I believe anything you find at a local drum shop and/or big retailer is all made overseas (H&B, Gator, Tackle, etc.).
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    Taylor Hawkins - RIP

    It's very sad. I have never really been a fan of Foo Fighters (they're excellent musicians, but just not my thing). That said, I saw them open for the Chili Peppers in 2000. My seats had a direct clear view to Taylor Hawkins, and I could see everything he was doing. I was very impressed with his...
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    Belated Happy Patrick's Day wishes

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    Late 60s Ludwig Heads--Modern Equivalent?

    Sorry for the delayed response. And thank you all for the input! My heads are the old-style 3 circles with the script logo. And as el_37 asked, no they do not appear to be coated, to my surprise. Maybe they're more like a white "clear Ambassador" type of head? Even though they're Ludwig...
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    Late 60s Ludwig Heads--Modern Equivalent?

    I have a late-60s Ludwig kit that still has the original Ludwig WeatherMaster bass drum heads (both batter and reso). Can someone tell me what the modern equivalent of these would be? Remo Smooth White Ambassador? The coating is definitely more of a smooth sheen rather than a subtle textured...
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    RIP Sam Lay Sad news, though he had a full life. I was happy to see him play a couple times, once on the drums and once on guitar. He had a great groove and did some catchy syncopation...
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    What is your main musical/drumming style?

    I'm a rock drummer (listened to mainly "classic rock" when I got started) who wants to mainly play jazz, blues, and soul now. I've been playing blues for a long time, but jazz and soul will take me a while to get comfortable.
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    Why can't some great musicians swing?

    I feel this clip (and its inside joke with Flaherty) is apt for this thread:
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    Lightest drumset you own?

    I second the comment about Ludwig Standards. Very lightweight. I also agree with the hardware being the biggest pain point. I've lightened my load lately, and bought some "new Rogers" hardware last summer. Looks good, low-weight, and is a nice break from the double-braced mid-90s Tama stands I...
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    Fast ride playing technique

    I first discovered Parisian Thoroughfare last year, and listened to it over and over in awe of Roach's ride speed. Something I aspire to get to. Until a couple years ago, I was doing fast ride rhythms with all wrist (no bounce or fingers) and it was destroying my arm. I'm relying more on the...
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    The "New" Rogers Drums

    It's funny you mention the IC 200, because when I was trying out the Rogers pedal, it felt a lot like the Tama HP20 pedal I once had (and that was a great pedal for the price). I figured if I want to have a light-feeling pedal like that, instead of the Rogers, I'd just go get a HP20 or HP30 for...