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    ID help - unlabeled crash

    Got this a cymbal year or two ago with a Sonor kit from late 90s that I think was the seller's kid's in high school. Came with a Sabian Hand Hammered HH bounce ride, the top half of an El Sabor hi-hat and a random Sound Source bottom. I don't actually like the sound of this crash that much...
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    Sold cymbals still listed on Reverb?

    I didn't want to clutter up the "eBay/Craigslist alert" thread with this question, but it stemmed from there. I saw this listing which seemed like a pretty good deal on a 602 pre-serial. No close-up of the stamp so I messaged the seller to confirm the ID, and he said it had a stamp but the...
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    Cymbal ID - Sabian HH something

    Curious if anyone knows what this Sabian is -- Hand Hammered HH 20" ride, but with the actual model name mostly worn off. I don't have specific weight but seems medium. Had it a couple years and really like the sound. I've been looking at other images of old HH rides but in none of them do...
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    Cymbal ID? Zildjian laser stamp I think, no serial

    Curious what this is. The stamp looks like a laser engraving, but there's no serial, and I thought they started doing both at the same time. Someone's selling it cheap, basically trying to figure out if it's worth driving all the way over there. Listed as 20" ride.