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    What is it??

    What company made this drum? 5 x 14 , and I think it is chrome over steel .. There's no brand name on the drum nor is there a MIJ or USA tag anywhere. I found a similar throw off reference, which looks to be sold by Danmar. Just wondering if someone can help identify who made this drum. thanks
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    Ludwig 22" bass drum with 2 different types of spurs

    Your thoughts about this drum.. are both sets of spurs original from the factory or one being an after market add on
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    Tama Starclassic question

    Do either of you know the reason for yellow being on this badge? Time period stamp or something else? I can't find any information on the internet that relates specifically to this badge. Thank you
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    North drums

    Anyone have any experience in trying to restore North Drums? Are parts available .. are minor shell scratches repairable .. any demand?