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  1. PassiveTone78

    How much does bass drum size really matter now?

    22’s all day. Rock drummer. I’ve never had anything but a 22, but I would find it difficult to say anything intelligent in this discussion. Pillows and blankets are always in my bass drum….lol
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    Yamaha YESS mounts for toms. $55/pair/shipped CONUS.
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    Paiste Ride - Anyone with Feedback?

    Great cymbals for rock. Also Paiste’s are very consistent within each line/model.
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    Paiste Ride - Anyone with Feedback?

    Paiste’s are bright! They’ll make your ears bleed!! :P
  6. PassiveTone78

    I switched back to 2Bs (again)

    I feel like 2b is great for a street fight or in a pinch I could use a 2b for a stickball game, but is too loud for me. I prefer a 5a and when used properly very seldom do I break them. I’m not quite as wild as I once was, but with maturity came better technique. Size wise I don’t have issues...
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    DW3000 Single Bass Pedal **SOLD**

    Practically new. Beater is pristine. $110/offers plus shipping.
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    Atlas Snare Stand New Price **SOLD**

  9. PassiveTone78

    Super Sensitive Turned Supraphonic….

    All things considered, I have almost zero pitting on this drum. However, some homemade engraving occurred with some numbers, probably the original owners doing to make sure his gear wasn’t stolen.
  10. PassiveTone78

    Super Sensitive Turned Supraphonic….

    I’m not a fan of Ludwig kits, however, I do have a soft spot for their snares. Give credit where it is due.
  11. PassiveTone78

    Yamaha YESS Mount **SOLD**

    Got a YESS tom mount from a beech custom. Taking offers plus shipping. PM me for photos, questions.
  12. PassiveTone78

    Super Sensitive Turned Supraphonic….

    Yes, aluminum drums. Here’s some photos.
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    Super Sensitive Turned Supraphonic….

    Back in the day when there was a drum shop in St. Louis called Drum Headquarters, I was begging my parents to buy me a “Ringo” drum. It was the 90’s I had been playing for a while and since I was in formal lessons, my parents got me what I thought was a 70’s era Supra. Fast forward to my days of...
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    Atlas Snare Stand New Price **SOLD**

    Gently used Atlas snare stand. Flat fleet. Not my thing. Was free from Ludwig. $110 shipped or shoot me an offer.
  15. PassiveTone78

    Zildjian K Sweet 14/16/18/21 vs 15/17/19/21 pack

    Never buy a new cymbal without trying it out….never been a fan of a cymbal pack.
  16. PassiveTone78

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback thread for member references (consolidated)

    You’re welcome @VinSparkle! It was a pleasure to trade with you and I must also mention to anyone looking for a trade or purchase, @VinSparkle is top notch and would certainly work with him in the future! Have fun with that drum!
  17. PassiveTone78

    Zildjian A Crashes 18" and 20" (2013 Redesign)

    Love these cymbals, great price! Central California huh? Must have purchased them from Dana Bentley! Love that drum shop! GLWS!
  18. PassiveTone78

    Old dog; new tricks: trying Remo Coated X-Ambassadors

    Remo Clear Pinstripes on all tom and bass batters. Coated Pinstripes on snares and diplomat snare side. However, not so OCD, Evans Reso on everything else.
  19. PassiveTone78

    Gaskets on Snaredrums

    If the crowd has been drinking they won’t be able to tell the difference…..