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    A conversation with Fredy Studer

    The latest project for the Paiste wiki (among many!), there's still a lot I'd like to add, but I figured I could go live with it and update it as the new info (and pics) comes in from Fredy!. https://www.cymbal.wiki/wiki/A_conversation_with_Fredy_Studer
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    If you ever wanted to know what a 602/2002/Sound creation combo sounds like, here it is!

    A 2001 session with my buddy, basic tracks no vocals, rough mix, analog 24track, recorded in my studio, engineered by me (mostly). My setup: 2001 Ludwig super classic "plum shadow" (bought from pro drum shop in Hollywood): 14" x 11", 16" x 14", 18" x 16" 24" x 16, 14" x 6½" bronze supraphonic...
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    Whaaaaat???? Tony Williams played Paiste? SACRILEGE!!!

    He's definitely playing 14" or 15" 602 hi hats (you can tell from the shape of the bell) 20" (or 18") 2002 crash. 22" (or 20") 2002 ride. Very early production 2002's, I'm surprised at how good they sound in a relatively soft jazz setting!
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    Did Porcaro play Camco early in his career?

    I always assumed he played Ludwig until he started to endorse Pearl in the early 80's. He is seen playing a Yamaha kit in the photos for "Toto IV"..... So he most likely recorded with Camco's for at least the first three albums??
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    I started to listen to Rush again...

    I had a hard time dealing with Neil's death, I have a habit of being in denial and pretending it didn't happen. When I was about 11 (see pic above) there a bunch of older boys in my neighborhood, one of them was in highschool, he used to bring records over all the time and loan them to my...
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    I've been waiting for a long time for this!!!

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    Since we're enjoying a huge renaissance in all things Ringo; What's your favorite "Ringo song"?????

    In the late 60's early 70's my parents listened to classical and folk (Mom), Jose Feliciano and Herb Alpert (Dad). My 1st. pop/rock music memory was listening to AM radio in probably late '71 early '72 judging from the songs I remember hearing (I would've been 5 or 6 years old), I distinctly...
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    "The keeper of the sound"

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    I'll just leave this here: Buddy played Paiste........

    Berlin 1984: Buddy had got into an argument with Zildjian at the "JazzFest Berlin", so he goes straight to Paiste and gets a 602 20" med. ride with rivets for the show! He's also been shown in the past (1960's) in Paiste catalogs and marketing flyers to use or "like" formula 602's.
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    I'm not a big podcast listener, but this guy have some amazing interviews!

    I've only listened to a few, but I can recommend the interview with Any Zildjian of Sabian, he also has an amazing assortment of manufacturers that he covers, they're worth a listen! Drum History Podcast Website: https://www.drumhistorypodcast.com/
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    What was Ringo's setup towards the end of the Beatles?

    Looking forward to the "Get back" documentary, took this screenshot of the trailer, neither of those look like Zildjians!
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    What's the deal with "transition" Formula 602's?

    And no, I don't mean the dark rides: it seems right around '71/'72 when 602's got serial numbers, they didn't have the series name printed below the name Paiste, they still had the weight and size in red ink and they also didn't have the "outlined" Paiste logo ink stamp on the bottom (Steve...
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    Putting my Zildjian catalogs up for sale $50!

    I have a bunch of old Zildjian catalogs/flyers/newsletters from the late 70's, 80's and early 90's, I also included a Gretsch catalog from around 1980 because they distributed, show and list the "Canadian K's" in thier setups and listed all the available models.... I'd like to get $50 + shipping...
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    Looking for good quality pics of Stambul's, Stambul65's and Dixies for the Paiste Wiki page.

    Please PM or post if you have a good quality hi-res picture of the following: Stambul's, Stambul65's and Dixies: http://www.cymbal.wiki/wiki/Paiste_Stambul_B8#Stambul_B8 http://www.cymbal.wiki/wiki/Paiste_Stambul65#Stambul65 http://www.cymbal.wiki/wiki/Paiste_Dixie#Dixie I'm trying to add...
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    Does anybody have more info on old (60's) European Paiste distributors?

    Looking to add more info to the Paiste wiki page: Paiste wiki: European, English & Japanese distributors I'm especially looking for more history and detail on the Italian distributor "SISME" Thanks! Dan
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    Paiste "unofficial" cymbal production/history timeline: 1900 - 1986

    Guys, Been working on this for a while, received good feedback so far, let me know if there's any glowing errors! Thanks! Dan http://www.cymbal.wiki/wiki/Paiste_unofficial**_cymbal_production/history_timeline:_1900_-_1986
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    My 1st. use and review of "Blue magic".

    My 1st. use and review of "Blue magic". I just got this cracked 12" thin crash, it had 40 year old baked in finger prints ('82 serial#) as you can see in the 1st. pic. Second pic is after cleaning with my 30 year old bottle of Paiste cleaner, I can tell you from experience, the Paiste cleaner...
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    Paiste cymbal wiki page updates!

    I've been working with the owner of the page and uploading a bunch of old adverts and slowly but surely adding pictures and weights to the Formula 602 and Sound creation line.... http://www.cymbal.wiki/wiki/Paiste_Series
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    Does anybody know what happened to "drum archive"?

    Does anybody know what happened to "drum archive"? I tried to contact them so I could contribute a bunch of Paiste catalogs, no response, looks like the page hasn't been updated in 2½ years...
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    Selling my Paiste sticker collection, they were collected from the late 80's to early 90's, all are in very good shape, see picture below! $50.00 (that's $2.40 per sticker!) includes shipping in the COUS. Selling as a set, do not want to break up! thanks!