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  1. paulwells73

    Comparing two 22" Agop Traditional Jazz Rides

    A few people have requested a video of my Agop Traditional Jazz Rides, so here they are. First one is 2360g and the second is 2600g.
  2. paulwells73

    Gretsch drumsticks

    I’m looking for vintage Gretsch drumsticks, especially any jazz artists "signature" models, such as Sonny Payne, Jo Jones, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Art Blakey, Charlie Persip, etc. Good condition preferred, but will consider well-used sticks for models I’m particularly interested in. Let me...
  3. paulwells73

    Old Steve Gadd sticks

    I'm trying to find info on the original version of the Steve Gadd signature stick. My understanding is that Yamaha originally produced a Steve Gadd stick, which was a copy of the Gretsch Sonny Payne stick. Around 1983, Vic Firth started making Steve's stick. What I know is that the current...