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  1. type85

    Im out

    I'm seeing so much RED!! So you have every 2002 you wanted, but you don't have the GERMAN versions!!! They sound different, so you'll have to start your search all over again...
  2. type85

    David Robinson (the cars) COW slingerland kit

    This is some really cool stuff! What an amazing time, I'm really glad I grew up when I did. Just listened to the track, great drum sound, lots of ambience from the room: I always though that was a swish! I remember hearing that song when it came out, I knew right away he was hitting a...
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    The home of George Lucas! The wonderfull (and very hot!) central valley! I'm from L.A, I've driven up the central valley many times to get to San Fran....
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    Unbelievable !- Paiste PST7 vs. Paiste 2002

    Here's some technical background: All of Paiste's lower cymbal lines are stamped into shape (most likely including the 900 series), most of them also have the hammer marks stamped into them, either that, or they use an automated machine that does it like the other big cymbal companies (Meinl's...
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    David Robinson (the cars) COW slingerland kit

    Big John D! I may be an L.A. native, but I lived in Concord Mass from '79 to '82! EU Wurlitzer was THE place to go for Paiste cymbals! I went there many times in '81 and early '82 after my buddy got a car (we were in a band), he played guitar and had a new Gibson explorer, we'd go check out the...
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    OT Olivia Newton-John - RIP

    The queen of early 80's pop, also when John Travolta hit his peak the 1st. time!
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    What would be, for lack of a better term, the "big fifth" of cymbal companies?

    Dun & Bradstreet won't show the sales numbers anymore unless you have a subscription, but from what I remember Zildjian and Zildjian Europe (based in England right John?) combined had something like TEN TIMES the sales volume of Paiste!
  8. type85

    What would be, for lack of a better term, the "big fifth" of cymbal companies?

    All four are privately owned companies, so you can't own stock in them....
  9. type85

    What would be, for lack of a better term, the "big fifth" of cymbal companies?

    Big John, I agree %100! Several months ago I did a "Dun & Bradstreet" search for the "big 4", it lists the companies gross annual sales revenue: Zil are the giants of the industry! Sabian in 2nd. place, Meinl a strong 3rd. and poor little Paiste is bringing up the rear in 4th! :crybaby: I'm...
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    69 year old PAT BENATAR still rockin'! Check out this video...Who's the drummer?

    Saw her at the Santa monica civic in '83 on her "get nervous" tour, Saga opened up for her! Great show, listened to her a lot from '81 to '83, this was my Rush, Journey, Benatar, Toto, Van Halen phase! She had formal voice training, rare for a "rock" singer, she had something like a 4 octave...
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    Paiste Giant Beat White Label hi-hats and 2002 Black Label Medium Ride score

    So a 20" medium is only about 200g heavier than the crash, the 20" ride is another 400g heavier than that, so you can see the medium leans towards more of a crash than a ride, but you can use it for light ride work, Charlie Watts used one for years starting in the mid 70's through the mid to...
  12. type85

    A conversation with Fredy Studer

    The latest project for the Paiste wiki (among many!), there's still a lot I'd like to add, but I figured I could go live with it and update it as the new info (and pics) comes in from Fredy!. https://www.cymbal.wiki/wiki/A_conversation_with_Fredy_Studer
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    If you ever wanted to know what a 602/2002/Sound creation combo sounds like, here it is!

    Thanks! I don't know why people are so afraid of big rides! I've always played 22's and 24's, I prefer 24's of a medium/heavy weight. With such a big "slow" cymbal you have to "plan ahead". The fundament pitch is low so the ping stands clear compared to a 20" (and doesn't get clangy like a...
  14. type85

    If you ever wanted to know what a 602/2002/Sound creation combo sounds like, here it is!

    A 2001 session with my buddy, basic tracks no vocals, rough mix, analog 24track, recorded in my studio, engineered by me (mostly). My setup: 2001 Ludwig super classic "plum shadow" (bought from pro drum shop in Hollywood): 14" x 11", 16" x 14", 18" x 16" 24" x 16, 14" x 6½" bronze supraphonic...
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Preserial German made (never sold here in the US) 2002 13" Hi hat bottom (before they had a weight designation). German preserial means from '71 to early '74. This will go perfectly with my B8 Stambul 13" heavy for a cool set of hats! I'm in search of some more German 2002's!
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    Moon,Bonham, Peart

    It was outside a steel foundry, they were standing (and peeing) in a "slag heap"!
  17. type85

    Blind test B20 crashes. Meinl/zildjian/Paiste

    Great comparison! My guess: 1. Zildjian 2. Meinl 3. Paiste I'm surprised how dark the Meinl is, but then, it's made in Turkey so that makes sense! I was also surprised how bright the Zildjian was, but I was comparing it to the Turkish Meinl (which I thought was the Zildjian) ..... The 602 I...
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    Moon,Bonham, Peart

    Mooney was also pals with Ringo, they used to hang out all the time and Moon's house on the beach in Malibu!
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    Moon,Bonham, Peart

    Yes, it's in the book and a horrible accident, Keith panicked, jumped in the car and was trying to get away from some skin heads that were trying to kick his ass, he backed over his driver and crushed him to death, Mcjnic is correct in that episode changed Keith forever.