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  1. underratedcowbell

    Sympathetic resonance

    Greetings all I always used a cymbal arm om my bass drum with great results, generally with a 16" crash cymbal or a 18" ride. Lately I found some extra thin 13 1/2" trap cymbals that I have been using on that cymbal mount as an effect cymbal (kind of a splah/china sound). The problem here is...
  2. underratedcowbell

    Jim Irsay can't stop!

    https://consequence.net/2022/05/kurt-cobain-smells-like-teen-spirit-guitar-sold-4-5-million/ In line with the punk-rock ethos professed by Cobain! Another guitar to hang on the wall collecting dust!
  3. underratedcowbell

    Vintage Sonor

    Hi there I know the bass drum, hanging tom and cymbal stands are all Sonor (not sure about the model)... but what about the floor tom? Is it a sonor with a different wrap? A guy is selling these next to my house for dirt cheap. Should I go take a peek?
  4. underratedcowbell

    1920's trap set cymbal

    Hi there Looking for a 1920's or 30's cymbal for a trap set to replace one of my cymbals that is becoming heavily damaged. This what I'm looking for. Looking for the most part to buy from EU but if shipping fees are adequate than US sellers are welcomed. Thanks
  5. underratedcowbell

    80's Tama Royalstar snare

    For you Tama experts. Was there a wood shell Royalstar snare? I only knew there were metal snares (COS I believe), but came across this snare and I was intrigued! Any help appreciated.
  6. underratedcowbell

    Paiste Stambul 20" Ride

    Hi there Someone near me is selling a 20" 65 Paiste Stambul Ride - 2100gram. I'm very tempted because is seeling it cheap 120€. Can please some enlight me on this cymbal - soundwise what should I expect? 2100 gram is considered medium or medium-heavy? Thanks
  7. underratedcowbell

    Inde retailers Europe

    Hi there Does anynody know if there are any Inde retailers in Europe? Thanks in advance.
  8. underratedcowbell

    New budget snare day!

    I think this should interest mainly members of the forum residing in Europe, as the snare drum is only sold at Thomann, but still here it goes. I bought this snare drum initially for my nephew to practice, but after trying it out and seeing and hearing the potential it has, I couldn't resist...
  9. underratedcowbell

    Recut bearing edges. What should I expect?

    I have a 14X6,5" Tama soundworks maple snare drum with a 5mm thick shell. The bearing edges on that snare are the standard 45º (I think so). https://www.tama.com/usa/products/snare_drums/soundworks_maple65.html I mostly use this snare with wood hoops, heavy muffling and a fairly low tuning...
  10. underratedcowbell

    Weird (or not) Paiste 404's

    I'm doing some recordings in a friends house and I brought along my Paiste 404's 20" ride and 18" crash-ride for a more bright sound. I noticed something that got me intrigued. Both cymbals do not have a stamp with their type (ie ride or crash), but instead they both have the word medium...
  11. underratedcowbell

    Advice on snare collection for budget commercial studio

    Hi there I’ve always made some recordings for myself and friends, but lately, as I have grown increasily tired of my dayjob and demands for recording started to show up more frequently I decided with a couple of friends to open a budget commercial studio. As I’m in charge of the drums (and...
  12. underratedcowbell

    Gibraltar bass drum bracket

    Hi there Does anybody know the mounting hole distance of the Gibraltar bass drum bracket model SC-1BDB? I want to swap an old Tama 1-1/8" omnisphere tom holder for a single tom holder and I wonder if this fits the mounting holes of the Tama bracket. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  13. underratedcowbell

    Groove Drum Co from Portugal

    Just wanted to share with you this drum company based in Portugal: https://groovedrumco.com/ The owner is super-friendly, his drums are hand-built with a lot of attention to detail and their are customizable and affordable for custom hand-crafted drums. This is probably aimed for drummers in...
  14. underratedcowbell

    Is it Ok to share a builders site in this forum?

    The title says it all! Can I share a custom builders site in this forum. If so, whats the correct section? I am in no way associated with the builder. I just think he does an excellent job, builds excellent custom drums and certainly deserves some exposure outside Portugal and Europe. Thanks
  15. underratedcowbell

    Nylon/Abs washers. Does it really makes a difference?

    Well. My kid just busted my snaredrum head with a screwdriver and I had to put a new Evans G1 head I had lying around the house. Usually I use Aquarian texture coated. When fitting the Evans head I noticed that the collar is somewhat different and because the tension rods are not very long...
  16. underratedcowbell

    Tama omnisphere single tom holder

    For you knowledgeable Tama guys out there. Do you know if Tama made a omnisphere single tom holder (with the 1-1/8” post)? I only see the double tom version for sale (which I have) and I really wanted a single tom holder!
  17. underratedcowbell

    Anybody ever see one of these?

    Never seen one like this before; any clues? Guy near me is selling these and need your opinion if I should go and take a peek
  18. underratedcowbell

    Premier Genista 90's. Some opinions needed

    A guy I know is selling is 90's Premier Genista (22x12x13x16) in terraverde green for about 800USD. I'm very tempted to take the offer (altough I don't need more drums) because I heard good things about these drums. Can anyone with knowledge about genistas elucitade me on those drums. Are they...
  19. underratedcowbell

    Help identifying this drum

    Does anybody now what drum is this? A Remo timbale perhaps? Any help apreciated.
  20. underratedcowbell

    Ringo playing for change!