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  1. underratedcowbell

    Did you ever own your “dream” kit ?

    No I didn’t! Still waiting for mine to appear and for me to have the courage to spend that amount of money!
  2. underratedcowbell

    Looking to 'Beef Up' a Snare Drum

    I have a Legay W/REEMLAR bass drum head and a snare head. These were a mix between the Fiberskin and the Reinassance. Very calf-like feel and sound indeed but that coating doesn't last at all!
  3. underratedcowbell

    Cymbal display/storage stand - K&M Guitar stand re-purposed

    Old thread I know, but do you think I can store some snare drums in these type of guitar/bass stands? How deep is the cradle on these things? The K&M Heli 2 scan fit a cello...maybe a 5.5 or a 6.5" snare can fit also...don't know! Opinions please!
  4. underratedcowbell

    Best compliment you've received about your drumming?

    1998: Sound guy: Hey man, you sounded great tonight, way better than the previous nights I saw you guys! Me: Thanks, I hurt my foot riding my bike and my friend is subbing for me!
  5. underratedcowbell

    What to sell from the collection?

    Just my "2 cents" You won't be carrying your money to the grave and you never know what the person(s) who will end up with your drums when you're gone is going to make of them (sell them for cheap money, play them, give them away...)! So, sell the most valuable kits asap when the market is...
  6. underratedcowbell

    Sympathetic resonance

    Greetings all I always used a cymbal arm om my bass drum with great results, generally with a 16" crash cymbal or a 18" ride. Lately I found some extra thin 13 1/2" trap cymbals that I have been using on that cymbal mount as an effect cymbal (kind of a splah/china sound). The problem here is...
  7. underratedcowbell

    Water cooler “ evaporative air cooler “

    As others have said, it only works in dry environments. And I may add also, it only works if there's some wind pushing the hot air into the back air vents and into the "water curtain".
  8. underratedcowbell

    Taking the batter head off?

    Maybe he just doesn't want you to find out about is secret tuning so he just detunes them after playing :D! Strange indeed!
  9. underratedcowbell

    Muffling... The Resonant Head?

    Gibraltar sells felt strips. Try them. They work for me! https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SCBF--gibraltar-bass-drum-felt-strips-2-pack
  10. underratedcowbell

    Snare For Brushes?

    Remo Coated ambassador or Aquarian texture coated. The aquarian as a vast superior coating if you're also playing with sticks. I once tried a fiberskin ambassador because evryone kept telling me it was the bomb with brushes...did not like it but perhaps you may!
  11. underratedcowbell

    Snare For Brushes?

    It's all in the head!
  12. underratedcowbell

    Vintage Ludwig Screws

    I have no trouble whatsoever to find these type of screws here in Portugal...either in stainless steel or brass...heck even coper! I'm sure they exist also in the Uk. Try specialized hardware stores and not you run-of-the mil or generic stores
  13. underratedcowbell

    Drummers who are band kings

    Julien Ehrlich of Whitney Micky Dolenz of The Monkees
  14. underratedcowbell

    OT - Song Link Game

  15. underratedcowbell

    Doing recording using these Legacy Ludwigs: Share your thoughts?

    Not sure what do you really want to know! Or us to comment? I see a Luwig drum with a power tom and some mics...other than that not much going on!
  16. underratedcowbell

    Wrap, Lacquer, or satin?

    Wraps...they can take a beating! Can't say the same thing for lacquer, or satin!
  17. underratedcowbell

    Canopus snare wires?

    There is always going to be a difference between a 16 strand a a 20 strand wire! No only in Canoupus wires! The more strands the wetter the sound. Less strands = drier sound = more sound of the drum! If you want to hear the shell and heads combination to its fullest than 12 strand wires is the...
  18. underratedcowbell

    Family Portrait - Picture Is Now Up

    Jeez Louise!!!! You have more drums than I have relatives!
  19. underratedcowbell

    10 Top Drummer Kings and Queens of Reality TV

    Never heard or seen of any of those shows! Not sure if I'm missing something! The US really is the King of crap tV. But brace yourselves, EU is coming at you anytime soon!
  20. underratedcowbell


    I've seen the same brand in a flea market in Istanbul a couple of years ago! It was a 13.5-14"" cymbal...it sounded like crap!