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  1. Olrocker

    Roland RT-30H drum trigger

    Roland RT-30H single drum trigger, used once, new condition in box. $55 + shipping from Raleigh NC. Paypal only. Edit/I put this in the wrong section (should be in "Everything Else") but since there's no way to delete and move it, here it is.
  2. Olrocker

    Tama Silverstar "Cocktail-Jam" kit

    Tama Silverstar "Cocktail-Jam" cocktail drum kit in Indigo (blue) sparkle. Rarely used, played out once - like new! Includes all mounting hardware, reverse kick pedal, and optional MCAX5366 cymbal and hi-hat arm set. Can be played sitting or standing, packs into two bags (included.) Images show...
  3. Olrocker

    "Fixing a hole..."

    Finally got these installed on my '67 BDP Ludwig Classic kick. I, like many others, had installed the double tom mount (around 1980.) This is a very clean way to revert it to (almost) stock. I had to trim the long mounting plate under the curved rail mount so it would sit properly, but it turned...
  4. Olrocker

    Which trigger to use on 16" kick w/metal hoop

    I'm going to hybridize my Tama Cocktail-Jam kit with similar Roland components to Tama's limited edition hybrid. According to Tama's website, the triggers included are the now-discontinued RT-10S (snare) and RT-10K (kick.) I would get the newer RT-30HR (snare) trigger; my question is regarding...
  5. Olrocker

    Yamaha WMP Al Foster HipGig Sr. nesting kit SOLD

    Yamaha Al Foster HipGig Sr. kit. Immaculate condition (played out twice.) WMP wrap finish over birch shells, made in Japan. Includes kick, two toms, snare, all mounting hardware, two cymbal stands, hi hat stand, and kick pedal. All original bags included, as well as both original kick drum...