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    What happened to this thread?

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    Premiere Duroplast Wrap Replica on Fleebay

    To me, this doesnt look like the Ringo Pemiere Set wrap...it seems too light. is it just me? https://www.ebay.com/itm/185093074517?hash=item2b18682e55:g:JqwAAOSwS7xhb~sp
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    Weighing Cymbals- Did I Do It Right?

    Hi guys. Amazingly, in 49 years of drumming, I've never had to weigh any cymbals because I rarely sold any. I am downsizing a bit now, and want to sell my excess stock, and just keep the 1970s Zildjians I use with my Gretsch Round Badge. So I bought one of the digital scales that were...
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    Looking for a Trixon Set in WMP

    Hi, I'm looking for an older Trixon set, with the shark tooth lugs, not the rectangular lugs. WMP is preferred, but will consider another wrap or no wrap. Let me know what you have.
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    What Kind of File Do I Use On This Cymbal?

    Hi guys... I have been looking for a Zildjian 17 inch Thin Crash for quite awhile, and this one popped into my lap intio my lap for a very reasonable price so I grabbed it. As you can see, its got a small chip in it. No big deal as its very minor wont affect the sound much if at all. I want...
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    Cymbal mount>?

    Does anyone know how the cymbal rod is mounted in the picture below? I'm guessing its mounted to a consollette tom mount?
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    Beautiful Carlton Snare Drum on Ebay

    Just saw this really nice compact 1960s Carlton snare drum on Ebay. Its likely pre-international size heads, but look at the beautiful wrap and those lugs! Not sure how nice the metal work would come out after polishing, but a really nice time capsule anyway...
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    Sorry.....duplicate post

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    Can Anyone Grind Down Metal?

    Hi Guys! Was wondering if anyone here has the correct tool to grind down metal. Please see attached picture of an old Rogers Collett mount underside. See the "tube" piece in the middle? It does not lie flush with the edges of the mount, it protrudes about 1/2 inch. What I'd like to do is...
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    Dino Danelli!

    Hi Guys... Thought you might enjoy this picture of Dino Danelli. Here he is using a Ludwig set, but not sure of the wrap color. Matching canister throne! Enjoy! Retro
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    How Much Do Redone Bearing Edges Affect Sale Price?

    Guys, please let me know your opinion on this: I am thinking of selling my Gretsch BDP RB set, because another set that I really like has been offered to me. Sizes: 20 X 14, 13 X 9 , 16 X 16, 5 X 14 On my Gretsch BDP set, the bass drum is all original , other than 4 T rods and repainted Hoops...
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    Weird 'Extension" Rod on Gretsch Strainer

    Hey guys...what do you think of this "extension" thats on this Gretsch Reknown strsiner? Could this have ben a Gretsch product, or is this home brewed? Let me know what you think...
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    Gary Chester Session Discography

    Guys, Does anyone have the book "New Breed" by Gary Chester? I'm trying to find out if it has his complete (or close to it) list of 14,000 sessions he played on. I have a short list, but it would great to see it fleshed out. He really was the Hal Blaine of the East Coast. He played on TONS...
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    Very funky Cymbal arm extender.....1949!

    Check out how suave 1949 drummer Lyndon Smith has his crash mounted on the bass drum. Thats a pretty cool looking cymbal arm extender!
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    Guys, Need Your Help....

    Forum brothers....I need your opinion on something. So, I sent my Gretsch RB tom tom shell and snare shell to Precision to have the edges done. I used UPS, who have been pretty reliable for me. Today, Precision lets me know that the snare shell has been damaged in transit. Attached is a...
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    Any Members in Daytona Beach FLA?

    Hey guys....do we have any members in Daytona Beach, FLA?
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    Kent Experts.....Talk To me....

    Kent Experts: Please tell me your thoughts on this very strange Kent Set: 1) To me, this looks rewrapped, as the only Blue sparkle Kents I have seen are a much darker shade. (the seller says its faded GREEN sparkle...WTF?) 2) This has a Gretsch consolette mount rather than the normal Kent...
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    Wanted : 1960s Gretsch RB 9 X 13 Tom Shell in BDP

    Wanted 1960s Gretsch RB 9 X 13 Tom Shell in BDP wrap. Has to be RB and not SSB, No extra holes, and the BDP wrap has to be in really good shape. No hardware or badge needed. please let me know what you have. Thanks! Retro
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    SPAM Email!!!

    Board ops: I just got a spam email on here from "agamarne425" Forum brothers: beware...DONT click on the email!
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    What Kind of Spurs Do I Have Here?

    Guys, I found these in my parts box. Would you know what kind of spurs these are and what the value is? Thanks! Retro