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  1. chappy

    K Custom Rides

    Still use my 20”.
  2. chappy

    Sabian HHX 18” New Symphonic Viennese

    How would you describe it sonically?
  3. chappy

    Addictive Drums 2 issue

    So I can get logic to see the track as I’m playing on my Ekit on the meters, but it will not record. Any thoughts?
  4. chappy

    Yamaha PCY-150s

    Picked a 155 up today! Will be testing it asap.
  5. chappy

    Yamaha PCY-150s

    Hello! I just picked up a DTXtreme IIs e-kit and my ride pad is worn and had several dead spots. Any good recommendations for a modern replacement that won’t break the bank? Thanks, Chappy
  6. chappy

    Inde Drum Lab / Your thoughts?

    I have a 13/16/24 INDe kit that is wonderful. Need to save up to add a few more drums to the arsenal. The funny thing is that this big rock kit weighs substantially less than my 12/14/18 PDP bop kit. Chappy
  7. chappy

    Logic Pro X learning?

    Well I jumped in and bought a Mac, a Scarlett 18i20, and Logic Pro X. Does anyone have any advice on good websites or books for a more guided learning process for this program? Thanks in advance. Chappy
  8. chappy

    London Drum Shops to see?

    So the family and I are visiting the UK this summer for a vacation and I always try and visit the best local shops that I can as time allows. What are the top drum shops to see in London? As a Iron Maiden fan, I hoped to make to to Nicko's shop in Manchester, but it is too far off of our...
  9. chappy

    New Steve Jordan Aluminum Hardware Video (Paiste/Yamaha)

    I've been gigging a full set of Crosstown hardware for over a year. No problems whatsoever, still looks great. No scratches, no dents. I'm as surprised as you are.
  10. chappy

    This is what Customer Service looks like

    Same here. He sent me a replacement head that day.
  11. chappy

    New album out!!!

    My band’s new album is out on physical media and streaming. Here is the Spotify link. Hope y’all dig it. Chappy
  12. chappy

    Best drummer headphones in 2021?

    My ancient Direct Sound ex-29s are giving up the ghost. It is time to upgrade. Hit me with those recommendations drum family! Chappy
  13. chappy

    Nate Smith (and the Fearless Flyers) killing it with an Acrolite and fiberglass (Blamire/JM?) concert toms?

    Wow that was great! And I thought my right foot was fast enough. Nate is just amazing.
  14. chappy

    Drums of a killer (the pawn shop tale)

    I remember that happening. Also in Lexington.
  15. chappy

    PDP 20" Concept Maple Classic Bass Drum

    A 10” tom and s 20” kick would rule.
  16. chappy

    When researching Klezmer drumming, I came across this....Uh, wow!?

    Reminds me of the New Orleans Klezmer All Stars. So many chops. So good.
  17. chappy

    Way Way OT: Movie Recommendation: NOBODY!

    Loved it!
  18. chappy

    Let’s see your Band’s bass drum logo head

    My trio (soon to be quartet). Too bad all our gigs are covid cancelled.
  19. chappy

    Freestanding drum shed?

    Hello! We are downsizing homes and basements are a bit rare in the area we are moving to in town. As such, I am looking into either 1) Having a garage built with a music room attached or 2) having a freestanding drum shed built in the back yard. As we live in KY, hvac would be used. Do any of...
  20. chappy

    I have $250. What wood snare would you recommend?

    My Roc n Soc has been going strong for 25 years.