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  1. drumsforme

    UV1s G1s

  2. drumsforme

    Three Camco kits restoration project

    Beautiful Kits!
  3. drumsforme

    UV1s G1s

    Always liked the consistency of Evans Coated G! and G2 ...but the UV1 is even better!.... Toms- snare drums sound great...although stlll use G2's on my floor toms for great bottom end.
  4. drumsforme

    Gretsch Brooklyn Micro kit and in general

    Own the Brooklyn Micro kit and have owned the others- Breakbeats, Sonor Martini, Tama Club Jam and Pearl Midtown and the Gretsch kills all of them.
  5. drumsforme

    Gretsch Renown or Tama Superstar Classic 2022

    Renown is best bang for the buck- Maple, Solid Construction, Great sound, professional for recording or gigging out !
  6. drumsforme

    Need a drum rug for home kit

    Lots of 5x7" Rugs at Walmart. When they start looking ratty after several dozen gigs , just throw 'em out and get another, They are typically $20-$30
  7. drumsforme

    elvin gretsch, first 16 bass drum in history?

    To the best of my knowledge and speaking with several Gretsch people- Elvin played a 12x18" kick and so when I ordered my kit 4 years ago- my goal was to use what Elvin used....
  8. drumsforme

    Did you ever own your “dream” kit ?

    1965 Rogers Covington -8x12, 9x13, 14x14, 16x16, 14x20 and a Dynasonic !
  9. drumsforme

    K&M 24035 Bass Drum Mic Mount Problem

    I tried the Gaffers Tape and it worked!.......Thanks!
  10. drumsforme

    2006 DW Pacific LX Kit Made in Mexico, $500 for DFO Members

    Those Mexican PDP kits 2001-2007 are one of the best kept secrets out there. $500 plus you get the 16" FT which are hard to come by as all those kits came with a hanging 14" FT. Excellent price on these!
  11. drumsforme

    Cymbal:You can only have one choice. Right now, which is your favorite ride you own?

    K Zildjian 21" Sweet Ride and The 18" Zildjian Uptown Ride...The Uptown is a real Funky little ride!
  12. drumsforme

    Question about prominent members selling on DFO

    Buying and selling on here have been great. Very thankful!
  13. drumsforme

    K&M 24035 Bass Drum Mic Mount Problem

    Purchased a K&M 24035 Bass drum mic mount about a year ago and although it works fine with hoops with an inlay, it however falls off smooth gloss hoops like the hoops on most Pearl Bass drums. I tried using a d112 and thought maybe it was too heavy so I went with a much lighter mic like the EV...
  14. drumsforme

    OT: RIP Vin Scully

    Greatest baseball broadcaster that ever lived!
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    You can only have one choice. Right now, which is your favorite kit you own?

    DW Workshop Series....Made in Oxnard, California- Keller Shells, Great sound and construction!
  16. drumsforme

    Question about old Gretsch Jazz kit with 18" bass drum.

    Someone installed a Ludwig tom mounting system and I agree that the kick looks like a 20"
  17. drumsforme

    80s/90s Yamaha Recording Custom - Still Hold Up?

    Had an '84 RC in Hot Rod Red and the toms were to die for...even tho they were sqaure sized toms 10x10 and 12x12. The toms had rims mounts installed. The kick was 16x20 and had some punch. The floor toms 14x14 and 16x16 were the best. The hardware and overall workmanship was excellent. Sold it...
  18. drumsforme

    80's Tama Superstar

    You did good!......Enjoy this great set of Vintage Tama drums!