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  1. FloydZKing

    Every drum set I've owned

    LUDWIG 1) '75 Vistalite 22 BL,22 BL,13 RD,14 AM,15 YL,16 BL,18 GN ...........Jellybean 2) '68 Classic 22/12/13/16/Acrolite.................................................Silver Sparkle 3) '65 Clubdate...
  2. FloydZKing

    15" Snares.

    (pssst, hey bud, have you tried a 16"?)
  3. FloydZKing

    Warner Chappell copyright claims 200 year old song

    I haven't noticed ANY music-based copyright claims on my channel - it's always video claims. Thing is, I do nearly all cover songs and my clips are all public domain. In the case of my channel, YT isn't protecting legitimate music copyright holders AND it's allowing bogus video copyright...
  4. FloydZKing

    zzzzzz... seriously sleeper snares... zzzzzz

    Lotta good drums mentioned here (I'll second Supralites.) In this bracket, I'll nominate Slingerland's 60s/70s COB Sound King snares. Another excellent yet inelegant plain Jane drum, but this one sounds and feels distinctively different.
  5. FloydZKing

    TTO - Love is the Answer

    Thanks! It's just me though, solo home recording.
  6. FloydZKing

    TTO - Love is the Answer

    Drums are Sonor Acryls with an LM306 bronze Ludwig.
  7. FloydZKing

    You can only have one choice. Right now, which is your favorite kit you own?

    My 42 pc. Blaemire "shellbank."
  8. FloydZKing

    Fibes guys?

    Yes, that's actual metal wrap.
  9. FloydZKing

    Fibes guys?

    It's formica and, as usual, the 10 ft rule applies.
  10. FloydZKing

    TTO - Mississippi Paddle Boat

    The usual harangue, drums are Blaemire with a Firchie snare.
  11. FloydZKing

    Ludwig Vistalite Purple Sparkle

    I have a 2019 24/13/16 set (NFS), been watching for pieces with no luck. Pretty scarce and yeah, Sweetwater.
  12. FloydZKing

    Sakae Trilogy and RIMS Alloy Pro Series?

    "I’m hoping the Aluminum Rims mount has a thinner rubber profile so that will not happen" In effect, it does. The alloy version is in two pieces which together have the same size and dimensions as the old rubber. For tight fits, one can remove the upper portion for a lower profile.
  13. FloydZKing

    TTO - Who Would Remember?

    P-Bass, Yamaha Clavinova, Fanner Exosphere, Deagan Electavibe, Yamaha melodica, Rogers tympani
  14. FloydZKing

    O.T. Customized Die Cast Cars (i.e. Hot Wheels, Matchbox, etc.)

    This 1/24 whopper made its track debut this week.
  15. FloydZKing

    TTO - Wild is the Wind

    Rogers drums & tympani, P-Bass and ukes.
  16. FloydZKing

    Does removing logos still diminish cymbal value?

    Cool zombie thread. I kept that cymbal and removed just the top logo, leaving the bottom intact for ID. By now the question is whether to clean it. Nah...
  17. FloydZKing

    If you were looking for a good vintage MIJ kit…

    I say this calmly and rationally, without exaggeration, if you will. There is Pearl phenolic and beneath that is everything else vintage MIJ. Not easy to find but worth the hunt.
  18. FloydZKing

    Premiere Duroplast Wrap Replica on Fleebay

    Printed copies of vintage wraps must choose a degree of fade (0-100) and usually fail to match as a result. Also, no depth or translucence.