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  1. repete

    I think I found my new favorite sticks

    I’m still searching for something as good as the Silverfox 5A - I’m getting down to my last pair
  2. repete

    UV1s G1s

    The logos on the tom heads need to be at top of drum preferably in line with the badges. How do you even sleep at night?
  3. repete

    Drums with Nicko and Pooch

    Yes they begin every show with it
  4. repete

    Florida Drummers Thread

    Ok ✅ more crappy drivers on the roads - can't wait
  5. repete

    Florida Drummers Thread

    I’m up for traveling and possibly hosting if there’s interes although Key West? Let’s go!
  6. repete

    Florida Drummers Thread

    Originally from MA I’ve been in South Florida for 13 years now. East coast between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. If there’s enough of us a get together would be fun!
  7. repete

    First kit.

    Cortleys also MIJ I must have been 13-14 years old here playing a school dance
  8. repete

    How many “princess and the pea” details on drums people willing to quibble over?

    I’m not one to quibble. I removed the gaskets on my Ludwig classic maple kit because it looked better without them and they still sounded ok.
  9. repete

    Words of advice from The Godfather

    Stalk much?
  10. repete

    Words of advice from The Godfather

    Some words of advice from The Godfather of Soul, James Brown. 1. When you get to the gig, back your car in because you never know when you’ll have to get the f*** out quick. 2. Always bring your wallet to the stage.
  11. repete

    Bass drum mounted Ride cymbal holder

    I’ve posted pictures before but here’s my set up. DW tom bracket, L arm and a dog bone
  12. repete

    Are you a “Desperate Dan”

    I was called Pitiful Pete in Little League - I really was that bad
  13. repete

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Played an outdoor show last night
  14. repete

    Keller shells

    Even though a lot of companies use Keller it’s my understanding that they can be made to those companies specifications so not all Keller shell are the same.
  15. repete

    Very OT: One Size...

    I’ve been playing 5A’s for years and nothing could be truer
  16. repete

    Grosgrain Ribbon on your Snares. Let's discuss...

    I’ve been using the ribbon for years and I really like the color options available. I’ve also been using the Ludwig snare cord. Both work wonderfully for my needs and for the record I personally cannot hear a difference between the ribbon and cord. I just like the look of the cord
  17. repete

    DW gold hardware

    I’m not sure at all but if there’s a serial number on the drum perhaps DW could research it for you. It would be interesting to find out either way.
  18. repete

    69 year old PAT BENATAR still rockin'! Check out this video...Who's the drummer?

    Good for her and him for staying together that long as a couple and for still being the faces of her band. She sounds great and very much in control of her voice and vocal range now compared to days gone by.
  19. repete

    Maiden voyage tomorrow night

    Some good friends and I have started a Bob Seger tribute band and our fist show is tomorrow night at an out door pavilion in Boynton Beach FL. Estimated attendance is between 500-700 people! It’s a 7 piece band, 2 keyboard players, two guitars, bass, drums and a singer. Three of us sing backup...