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    Your favorite Stones song because of Charlie’s playing?

    "Gimme Shelter" is so perfect in 'playing for the song' his drums are invisible. Just sublime...
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    Does it matter what you hit as long as you have groove?

    "try not to suck" .. omg.. lmao!
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    Q Drum Company Founder Diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer

    I don't know if this can reach him, but some people have completely beaten even stage 4 cancer by going on a medically supervised 21 day fast. There are videos online with physicians interviewing the patients that succeeded. And there is also the Joe Tippens protocol (and many Fenben groups on...
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    How do you PM?

    I thought I was going crazy .. not being able to see how to send a message, looks like I need to post a few more times too :(
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    Are these good Yamaha concert toms?

    I've been looking to buy exactly those series/color - can you contact me to arrange the sale?
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    Tama Granstar Toms (8x8 and 10x10)

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    Tama Granstar Toms (8x8 and 10x10)

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    Tama Granstar Toms (8x8 and 10x10)

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    Tama Granstar Toms (8x8 and 10x10)

    Love the kit - I had been hoping, someday, to see a 'jellybean' Granstar kit ... or should it be called a 'jordan almond' kit? A dark red floor tom and Lilac 10" tom would finish off the kit nicely :)
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    What would be your chosen set of "same cymbal brand & line"?

    In the mid 80's I started with Paiste 2002, and RUDE's and was perfectly content playing mostly metal and prog rock ... 20 years later I was playing more motown, latin fusion, and softer rock and came across those amazing Paiste Twenty cymbals. I bought the full set (except those awful...