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    Gadd and that delicious shuffle of his…

    Noticed that he’s shuffling on the hats with the left foot and the right hand. Don’t think I’ve seen that before. So Gaddish! Very cool!
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    Best compliment you've received about your drumming?

    Lefty on a right handed set up!
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    Who Is the Best Drummer You've Seen This Year?

    Haven’t seen him live, but, there’s a guy on IG named Isac Jamba that I follow who is a beast! Here’s a sample:
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    First kit.

    Bet they sound fat and vintagy! What is that bass drum beater? Love it!
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    Where/how did the "dead drum sound" of the later '70s begin?

    I saw Jack DeJohnette in a master class over 20 years ago! Hard to believe he’s 80!
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    Snare wire tension

    Tight bottom head, medium/tight top head, and snare wires just tight enough to prevent rattling! “Thwock!”
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    How many “princess and the pea” details on drums people willing to quibble over?

    But, the real test is, do your rabbit holes have to be in round?
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    Need a drum rug for home kit

    A commercial size (double door), doormat with a rubber bottom is great for gigging. Got mine for about $12 at Home Depot. If you need bigger, you can get a piece of carpet cut to your spec. at Home Depot! Mine was about $15 for a 5x5 piece. My prices are surely outdated, but, these should still...
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    Poll: best rewrap color for Jazzette

    Beat me to it! I voted silver sparkle from the choices. But, champaign sparkle would be the best choice, IMO.
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    What exercises/drills/concepts have had the highest return on investment for your development?

    I don’t know where your skills are at, or what kind of music you play. But, playing along with recordings of the music you like is the most efficient, effective use of your time, IMO! In addition, you’d be amazed how much you can do with a few rudiments. I would recommend practicing “ALL” of...
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    Heard at every Jazz Jam....

    You wish the jazz jam songs were that easy! You know you’re in trouble when there are 3 saxes, 2 trumpets, along with guitar, piano and bass all waiting for their solos and you hear the cut-time count off: 1, 2, 1-2, 2-2.
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    The only time I knowingly play 32nd notes

    It is 250+ bpm. Think about how you would play this song with a more traditional rock beat (like the drum part on “Walking on Sunshine,” link below): quarter notes on the hihats on 1,2,3 & 4, half notes on snare on 2 and 4, and maybe half notes on bass drum on 1 and 3 with some variation. Folsum...
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    The only time I knowingly play 32nd notes

    I’m considering the backbeat accent to be on 2 and 4, which is the convention. So, the tempo would be about 250+ bpm. 16ths at that tempo is blisteringly fast! 32nds would be a rate of 2,000 strokes per minute. Not sure Riccardo Merlini could do that even for one beat. I think you must be...
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    Top 10 Jeff Porcaro Rock songs without Toto

    Everything he did with Steely Dan was top 10 IMO, even if he played on more than 10 SD songs!
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    The only time I knowingly play 32nd notes

    At that tempo, you’re probably playing 8th and 16ths, not 16ths and 32nds.
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    What a difference a stick makes

    Absolutely! Heavier sticks pull a bigger sound out of a drum than light sticks. I also like nylon tips on the snare, but not so much on toms or cymbals!
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    Single ply on batter and double ply on reso?

    Pretty sure this is against the laws of nature! Might even be a 3rd degree misdemeanor in some jurisdictions.
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    Props to Drums on Sale!

    Just want to acknowledge Chris and Drums on Sale for a great transaction. Ordered 4 replacement Ludwig large classic lugs on Thursday. He had plenty in stock, which most don’t! Paid about $12 ($1 extra) for USPS Priority Mail. Chris emailed the tracking number immediately, and I signed up for...
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    Grosgrain Ribbon on your Snares. Let's discuss...

    I like the idea that, unlike plastic strips or cord, the flexibility of grosgrain makes it self correcting when it isn’t perfectly straight and evenly tensioned, which is almost impossible.