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  1. Lennykenard

    Seeking handpan advice!

    It would certainly be cheaper!
  2. Lennykenard

    20 K Light Flat Ride.

    Not much luck in the swap thread. Figured I’d try here. $400 shipped. Just bought this, and decided it’s not really for me. It’s very similar to my 24” K Light Ride, but doesn’t get very loud. Good stick, quite a bit more wash than I was expecting. Just not different enough. Was bought from...
  3. Lennykenard

    Tama Starclassic BB Cultured Grain Indigo Burl Burst Toms

    Price drop. Now $250 (each). Shipping including.
  4. Lennykenard

    Seeking handpan advice!

    Yeah. It seems like most of them are pretty pricey! It’s something I’d like to fiddle around on before commuting to buying one
  5. Lennykenard

    Seeking handpan advice!

    So I’ve been bitten by the bug. I’ve seen a bunch online and they sound amazing. And look so fun to play! Any advice on what to get? Anything budget friendly for a starter? I’m open to any info and suggestions! Thanks in advance!
  6. Lennykenard

    Im out

    This thread inspired me to do an inventory of all my cymbals last night. Turns out I have 41. 1 of them being a 40” gong! I cataloged the model, size, year, serial number (where applicable), and weight. Currently Im working on taking pictures to fully document what I have. Only one cymbal I...
  7. Lennykenard

    Could be the tuning…

    Venue sure does make a difference. Just this last week my band played a show in an outdoor mobile band shell, then two days later played in a outdoor gazebo. Huge difference day to day with the sound. I barely made any tuning changes. A few weeks prior to that we played outside of a church. A...
  8. Lennykenard

    Tama Star Walnut Indigo Japanese Sen

    Cash is king, but I’ve got stuff to trade too!
  9. Lennykenard

    Cutting efx holes?

    That thing looks like a battle axe head! Awesome.
  10. Lennykenard

    Zildjian 20” K Light Flat Ride

    Still looking! Would love a crash of doom (20 or 22) or some a customs Mastersound hats!!!
  11. Lennykenard

    Cymbal characteristics / traits compedium - does this exist?

    I’ve never heard the term “psychoacoustic” before. After seeing that though, I feel like it’s a perfect word for how we all interpret our cymbals differently.
  12. Lennykenard

    Fave Drummer Under 40?

    Thomas Pridgen Luke Holland Chris Turner Matt Greiner Gave Helguera Greyson Nekrutman David Diepold
  13. Lennykenard

    Zildjian 20” K Light Flat Ride

    Would sell for $400 shipped.
  14. Lennykenard

    Q Drum Company Founder Diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer

    Just got an email for a(nother) round of raffles. Donated another $20. I think there are 2 go fund me going as well?
  15. Lennykenard

    Zildjian 20” K Light Flat Ride

    I actually already have a 19” that I loooove. And no thank you on the masterworks. Have Avedis hats?
  16. Lennykenard

    Cymbal:You can only have one choice. Right now, which is your favorite ride you own?

    I remember it vividly because I saved up my first few big boy checks after high school, and bought KCD 20” ride and 14” hats brand new. Along with a Tama Warlord Valkyrie. Those three things I still have and use regularly.