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    Way OT - Looking for credit card suggestions

    I realize this is quite a bit off topic and maybe not even allowed here (if so please disregard this post) but. . . . I’m thinking about getting a new “cash back” credit card – my current card does not offer such. I’ve been with my current provider for over 20 years. Other than the cash back...
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    Offset lugs?

    This may have been addressed here before but do any manufactures still make drums with offset lugs? I assume this is a special order. Is there any advantage to such? I personally do not like the way they look but I’m a bit anal when it comes to things like this. No biggie here, just wondering. . .
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    Another Ringo fan

    . . . .and here’s another take on someone who appreciates Ringo’s drumming.
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    Compact Drum Set

    Hello, I posted this message a couple days ago but it appears to have disappeared. Maybe I did something wrong - if so, sorry.... I'm thinking about purchasing an electronic drum set. I am new to eDrums and am not a musician; just looking for something to play at home - simple, compact, and...