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  1. thewedge

    Gretsch Techware Spur Solution

    Hola thrill seekers...been a good while since I posted on here...good to see ye old chaps still kicking! Before the Spur Solution bit...the backstory...rewind 21 years ago. I had been gigging and playing for years and had traded/bought/bartered my way into my absolute favorite kit ever. A...
  2. thewedge

    WTB: Yamaha Maple Custom 9x10 in Black Stain w/YESS

    Let me know if anyone has one sitting around they don't play and would be interested in selling. Joby
  3. thewedge

    Ludwig Atlas Mounts and Atlas Arch

    Atlas Mount 3 pack - $80 shipped Atlas Arch -$80 shipped Buy both $150 shipped to Continental US *Both like new...used for basic configuration testing.
  4. thewedge

    Price Drop $800 Shipped - Gretsch Renown Maple 8,10,12,14ft,22

    Kit is excellent+ condition...never gigged looks like showroom kit (other than some light pedal rash) 8,10,12 FAST sizes 14x14 Floor Tom 18x22 Bass $800 + $100 ship to continental US I'll do these for $800 shipped for first take and include two TAMA tom arms (with DW/GRETSCH sized ball arms).
  5. thewedge

    New Custom Riser

    I got into welding last year (wife thinks I'm nuts with all my projects) and am getting close to completion on V2 of my portable riser. I must have watched 1000 hours of youtube looking at all the different versions and options and have baked the best features I could find into this one plus a...
  6. thewedge

    SOLD - Lock it up!

    Selling the set I just refinished (to fund a radio kind purchase). Please feel free to ask any questions! Background - 13/22 are 1964 and were blue satin flame, 16 is 1968 and was champagne sparkle. The shells and hardware are fantastic...some of the best condition Vintage Slingerland I have...
  7. thewedge

    SOLD - Lock it up!

    Snare is about 6 months old and Exc.+ condition. Used for some practice and on 4-5 gigs. $450 Plus Shipping Joby
  8. thewedge

    1960's Slingerland Refinish

    After shopping for covering, veneer, etc I decided to refinish the kit myself. Some pictures to catch you up to speed are included and I'll add more as I go. Current status: Shells stained and ready for finish. The 22 and 13 were a blue strata wrap and the 16 was a champagne sparkle. Here...
  9. thewedge

    sold....lock her up

    Set was purchased about two months ago and only played a few times. Has upgraded heads (Clear Emperor tops and Clear Ambassador bottoms) and has the DRUMLITE system installed as well (Includes the controller and remote also). No damage are scratches...just simply passing along a good deal...
  10. thewedge

    Sold - lock her up

    I'm selling a few drums I recently acquired. One of them is this snare (I also have a matching 22 and a 13 I'll post tonight when I get better pictures). 5x14 1964 Artist Solid shell (1-ply) snare drum in Satin Blue Flame. (Confirmed blue flame with under lug picture). Drum is in very good...
  11. thewedge

    Riser / Rack combo - in progress video

  12. thewedge

    Meinl Byzance Extra Dry hin 18" Crash

    Lemme know what you have...
  13. thewedge


  14. thewedge

    Gauger aluminum 12" suspension mount

    Looking for a standard 6 lug one. Joby
  15. thewedge

    Sabian Chopper

    I'm sure somebody bought one of these on impulse and would like it gone from the drum room floor
  16. thewedge

    UPS has lost their minds

    They are charging about double the FedEx ground rate. They lost my business.
  17. thewedge

    Sold....lock her up

    Just bought these from THUMPY and decided to re-list. I'm looking for more of a maple sound in my kits these days and moving this fantastic set to someone else who is on the Birch sound. 9x10, 9x12, 14x14ft, 16x16ft, 16x22 bass. Double tom holder and floor tom legs included (No other hardware...
  18. thewedge

    SOLD - Sonor Designers 10,12,14ft,22

    Drums - 9x10, 10x12, 16x14 (oversquare) floor tom, and 16x22 bass. Includes bass plate and rocket launcher mount. Maple light shells. Condition - all the drums are impeccable. Finish and edges are fantastic. The Issues: 1. The bass drum is a different production finish from the others. The...
  19. thewedge

    Dw ultralight hi hat stand New

    Got this with a set of the hardware I bought. Not going to use it. Brand new, $75 shipped to the continental US.
  20. thewedge

    SOLD - Please Move to Solds Items

    Excellent +++ condition. Have to move a few items quickly to pay for some new stuff coming in. Make me an offer and don't be shy. ;) 9x10, 10x12, 16x16ft, 16x22 bass 10,12,16,22 is sold. Joby