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    Drum keys

    I haven't gotten into the collectible drum key thing yet, though I'm often tempted to grab one from Cherry hill - they look quite nice. As for favorites, I have 2: 1) My Craviotto key, given to me by Johnny when I visited the factory to pick up a snare I bought (I live close to the original CA...
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    Interesting hand pair of dated 1949 Zildjian trans stamp 14's.

    I have a pair of TS hats in this weight range, brilliant to boot. They make really fun hi hats, I wouldn't dismiss these if you're interested. That's an old school cymbalholic seller too.
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    Vintage kit for cymbals

    Beautiful, thanks for sharing. I only have 1 Rogers kit, a 13/16/20 Silver Glitter, but I love it. I just took it out tonight and just get such a kick out of playing it. One day I'd like to own a 12/14/20 BDP but am not in a rush. It'll show up (or not) when the time is right. GLWS/T!
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    i need, i want, i got to have a ludwig/wfl 26'' red sparkle bass drum (or maybe 28'')

    Check Jollity, looks like they have a Silver 26" http://www.drumfarm.com/loners.html I guarantee you the best way to get the red you're after is to settle for a different color and buy it. Within a month or so what you are actually looking for will show up...
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    Vintage kit for cymbals

    Watcha got for Rogers? I dont neccesarily have cymbals to trade, but always curious to hear whats out there for these.
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    Camco Oaklawn 20-12-14 in BDP

    Thanks. I'm a lefty, I picked up an original lefty Rogers kit here many years ago. Its one of my favorite kits to play, 13/16/20 silver glitter. I've been casually browsing for a 12/14/20 Rogers in BDP though as that's my favorite vintage wrap and was just thinking last night, what are the...
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    Camco Oaklawn 20-12-14 in BDP

    That's a beauty! Is the rail functional + all parts necessary for the 12 if an actual lefty wanted to use it?
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    Lauritsen, Funch, etc. cymbals...

    If I was in the market for a Lauritsen 20 I'd grab @curly in a heartbeat. Great guy to do business with as well: https://www.drumforum.org/threads/fs-20-lauritsen-1827g.199597/ Let me put it another way - please buy his 20 so I dont have too!
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    SOLD 15” 50s A hihats 1070/1205g

    So. Many. Nice. Cymbals. For. Sale. Its too much, I cant handle it. These are actually pretty rare weights in my experience, not paper thin and mushy, but well below modern new beat terrain. I'd love to but I can't, so just chiming in to kick a tire or 2 and say GLWS!
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    Sexy Cymbal Photos

    Im usually terrible at cymbal photos, but this one came out pretty sexy. I give all the credit to the fact that its an old A (22" TS 2354 g)
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    OT: Thoughts on Tedeschi-Trucks Releasing Four Albums at Once?

    Kinda blows your whole cover band thesis, eh? I actually got a pair of tickets I need to sell for their Berkeley, CA show later in August. Come on out VB with the misses, I'll give you a good deal!
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    OT - Song Link Game

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    What is the secret sauce in a 20” Rogers bass drum?

    One thing I've noticed with my 60s Roger's 20 is its much more conducive to wide open heads/tuning than most other drums I own. I love that tone, but its not as useful for me generally in most real world band situations. I have a virgin Craviotto 20 that just sings forever with coated...
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    SOLD: 20 Lauritsen 1827g - Price Drop

    Goodness, that's lovely. The crash is out of this world!
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    Agreed here, the price increase is an indirect way out, but could backfire. It will be harder but feel so much better to just let her go. You dont need an excuse.
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    - Edit - this looks like the one, no?
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    Pearl will not sell me an individual bass drum that they have in stock - they want Amazon to buy it from them. Any ideas on how to make this work?

    Fascinating story, sorry to both parties for the trouble. Not defending Amazon, but you do get what you pay for these days. Shop at a specialty store, the price you pay is the cost of goods + some premium for service. Amazon, not so much... It really shouldn't be a surprise to all of us though...
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    Noble and Cooley 6x14 SS Walnut snare in black fade gloss - Lower price

    Beautiful, my favorite N&C finish these days. GLWS!
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    Commissioning Custom Cymbals

    Beautiful Tom, one of these days we need to have a bay area hang, and I want to check out that swish when its done! No stories of my own to share yet but I'm 6 months into the one year waiting list for Craig (Lauritsen). I plan on having him make me a full set since he seems to do such a...
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    Istanbul Agop 14” Traditional Jazz Hats SOLD

    Cymbals say 14" right on them, get out your glasses pops! (In full disclosure I couldn't read it either and only took the time to zoom because it bugged me how blind I am)