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  1. S1militudo

    Meinl byzance dry pack vs Mike Johnston pack

    I own a 20 extra thin hammered crash as well as an 18 extra dry thin crash. The latter one is my main crash atm with an immediate response, a voice somewhere between a crash and a china and a very fast decay. It sounds a bit exotic and is definetely no allrounder. Its a nice choice however, if...
  2. S1militudo

    Who has completely (or partially) switched from the Big 3 to hand made?

    Not exactly your topic but shouldnt it be big 4 instead of 3? Always had the impression that Meinl is pretty big, too. Here I see by far more people playing Meinls than Paistes. I never thought about it but arent there some Cymbal series from the big 3 that are handmade products? That said, I...
  3. S1militudo

    Cheap, tiny drum set

    I also gig with a Sonor Bop Set. Not sure if its tiny enough for you (18x16, 12x8, 14x14) but it suits me very well fitting the smallest stages while stile being able to 'function' in lighter rock stuff. I bought mine 3 years age and since then Sonor has significantly raised the price by 25-30%...
  4. S1militudo

    18" Deep Bass Drums

    Really like the classical 14" depth, too. Especially a 20x14 would be the size of my choice. While 16" is still tolerable and more modern I guess, I dont mind anything bigger. I got to play a Canopus Ash Set some time ago which had a 20x15 that sat nicely inbetween. What is the reason for these...
  5. S1militudo

    My small Ludwig Snare Drum Collection

    Definitely trying this. :D You are right. Would make it a bit more special. I read about that, too but only regarding the BBs though. In my case its obvious that its either brass or bronze. But I dont mind as long as it sounds nice...
  6. S1militudo

    My small Ludwig Snare Drum Collection

    Hello, since this is my second thread, here are some gear pics, more precisely pictures of my three Ludwig snare drums. All bought used because these drums are going for ridiculously high prices here. All Wires got changed, either by me or the previous owner, which also goes for heads top and...
  7. S1militudo

    My new Oriollo Phantom 62 with etching!

    Having a Phantom 65 myself I am still kind of jealous :D. Really nice and classy finish you came up with and those new lugs... Mhhhh
  8. S1militudo

    Introduction + first question

    Thank you very much for your fast responses and the warm welcome. The converted superesensitive option seems very reasonable and would explain the holes perfectly. Does changing the strainer, buttend and wires work? I would have thought that these super sensitives have different snare beds.
  9. S1militudo

    Introduction + first question

    Hello fellow drummers, first of all thank you for all the wisdom and knowledge you guys and girls share here. After a long time of lurking and quietly benefiting from this collective wisdom of this forum, I finally decided to join. This way I hope to give back some knowledge as well as taking...