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  1. gergeef

    SOLD: The Rogers Book - Second Edition

  2. gergeef

    Sold: 4.5x14 Sonor Ferro Snare - 1960's

    I've lowered the price, it's what I have in it and willing to take a reasonable offer. For sale is a *edit: 4.5x14* mid-60's Sonor ferro snare. I bought this recently and decided to pass it along. No issues with the drum shell or hoops other than some pitting on the batter hoop but the shell...
  3. gergeef

    SOLD: Ludwig 5" cowbell/14" 6-lug nickel snare hoops

    Up for sale are a vintage 5" Ludwig cowbell and a pair of 14" 6-lug snare hoops with nickel finish. Contact me for any questions, price is solid so please no low-ball offers. $50.00 shipped to US. Overseas, feel free to contact me for shipping.
  4. gergeef

    SOLD - DW: Mini-DogBone

    Greetings. I bought this new a few years ago I've only used it a few times. $30 shipped US via PayPal sound fair? Feel free to contact me for any questions. Thanks, Greg Fee
  5. gergeef

    Paiste 404 22" ride

    I really dig my 18" Medium and 14" Heavy 404 hats so I pulled the trigger on this 22" last night. My link Anyone else a fan of the 404 series? My 18" 404 is a nice contrast to my 20" 602 I'd like to check out the 505 series and may look for some of those next. ~ Greg