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  1. Michael Beechey

    Tony Williams 4 on the floor hi hat

    does anyone know the back story on how he developed that incredible left foot?....i assume it was a break away from the past of doing the same on bass drum...but it must have either taken a while to develop gradually, ...or did he just break into 300 bpm one day? I remember being a few feet away...
  2. Michael Beechey

    Teaching subdivisions

    love it love it love it https://www.facebook.com/lesalondelamusique/posts/pfbid02tDtgz6WgCfp3P1q9GYP4qSgTqBedtq2MqMWeuSiVzhGgwk1sMSr93nRQkrM5CC6el
  3. Michael Beechey

    broken drum

    say hello to my cute litle new little new and brokenfriend...ceramic, and a casulty of an overhead compartment by the importer. Some pieces missing and main body is cracked. Suggestions for filing the holes etc.? thanks in advance!
  4. Michael Beechey

    Show us your fav kit/sound

    this is buttttttttttterrrrrrr! Mike Johnston on gretsch bop kit
  5. Michael Beechey

    Have you compared Calftone/Earthtone/Fiberskyn "vintage" heads?

    Am curious as to your thoughts? Did you do batter+reso heads?.....did you test with batter only? Conclusions (worth the cost?) I have only tried Fiberskyn Dip on snare....very nice, but gentle/soft sound for brushes. About half the volume of a reg brush head......not so fond of stick sound...
  6. Michael Beechey

    Self defeating/sabotaging behavior?

    'Fess up! How do you shoot yourself in the foot?...repeatedly...no this is not an NRA joke. I'll start... watching too much netflix while practicing mechanical stuff....end up not concentrating entirely loving too many genres of music and not focusing letting your ADD dictate your...
  7. Michael Beechey

    Thoughts on zoom recorders

    I have an older Q3 and Q2...does anyone use those here. Interested in learning how mix into them. anyone have thoughts on the sweet spot in the newer generation of zoomers? thanks in advance!
  8. Michael Beechey

    A teacher, music or other, who changed your life?

    65 yrs ago I was a terrible student in high school, determined to be a musician. Very ADD, which was unknown territory back at the time. Teachers back then were in majority not a sympathetic or compassionate lot. Sarcasm and bullying were part of their tool kits..contemptuously writing out...
  9. Michael Beechey

    Autistic students

    I have had a few young students "on the spectrum" (of autism). Generally they are very creative but refuse traditional teaching styles, reading/rudiments etc. I kept it simple, but the anxiety and trigger of failure was still there if they felt they "couldn't do it"...even though 5 minutes later...
  10. Michael Beechey

    Zoom lag?

    how are y'all dealing with zoom lag, when teaching online? thanks in advance!
  11. Michael Beechey

    Teaching studio reno 2.0

    went from a VERY crowded single garage to a double...half for drumming, other half for songwriting/vibes etc....a little heavy on the East Indian decoration, will prob replace with half indian half african anyway, after a month of rubble in the driveway....here is version 2.0...not soundproof...
  12. Michael Beechey

    Minimalist playing

    The older I get the less I like my playing. Back (way back ) in the day it was considered mandatory to be doing something with all four limbs AT ALL TIMES. THOU SHALL NOT LEAVE THE HI HAT STROKELESS!!! Since then i have seen a few players who break all those rules...thank god...I am trying to...
  13. Michael Beechey

    Artificial chompers

    have to have 4 front teeth removed, so...i can go for the hockey player look (in Canada that is/was Tim Horton) grow a moustache and do a comp over/down grow my goatee and do a comb over/up not smile until i win the lottery (no, there are no free teeth in canada..) chew on a ball of...
  14. Michael Beechey

    Drum camp for kids?

    has anyne done this? curious about ages? length? fees? curriculum? lessons learned and warnings? equipment mods? thanks in advance!
  15. Michael Beechey

    Distance learning and audio? Newbie streaming 101

    hi, so my chinese connection is coming through with an offer to teach online...to his database of 300 students on other instruments...approaching those parents to have their children learn drumming....they are very driven there...diff classes every day he uses a custom chinese app that...
  16. Michael Beechey

    Teaching in China?

    having turned my life around etc..i am now attracting free pianos etc and lately one of my students, who is Chinese, and a music therapist himself has offered to be my contact in China He goes back and forth for visa requirements and puts on healing workshops in China. He is also connected to...
  17. Michael Beechey

    DIY vibraphone?

    Has anyone attempted this?: http://www.buildavibraphone.com/get_vibraphone_plans.html First i bought a set of pro level graduated vibe bars from a famous drum builder Ray Ayotte , a realllllly nice guy who has been cheated time after time after time by company after company. I then tried to...
  18. Michael Beechey

    Slouching=back pain

    if you are looking like Buddy...but not sounding like Buddy (not likely)...
  19. Michael Beechey

    Favorite apps?

    time to ask the perennial question what are your favorite music/drum related program/app:...possible categories metronome gap metronome video/audio editing slow down organization/to do cloud storage recording web publishing utilities/tools thanks in advance!