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    Old A - Large Stamp Swish?

    I dont think Ive ever seen a large stamp on a swish before. One was just posted on one of the Facebook groups by a big collector there (maybe you're here ET?). Not sure if this link will work, but check it out...
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    Zildjian A Crashes 18" and 20" (2013 Redesign)

    Hey all, I'm looking for an easy sale and an excuse to spend some $ on a new cymbal, so offering up what I believe is a good deal on a pair of nice crashes. For sale as a pair are an 18" thin crash and 20" medium thin from the 2013 A redesign period. I bought these brand new at Gelb music in...
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    OT: Recording video with quality mic inputs

    A bit off topic, but can't be any worse than some of the threads this week. So here's my question, how are you all making some of these great Youtube videos and the like with real audio capture (not just the iPhone mic). I'm looking to set something up mostly for personal videos. I have a...
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    Wanted: Bettis and/or Funch

    Hi all, I don't normally post wanted ads, just not typically in that much of a rush. But I have been itching a bit to add a flavor to my small Bettis collection (I sadly snoozed though the glory days) and am also curious to try out a nice 22" Funch, particularly one of his Old K OS IIIb works...
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    Cleaning Old Cymbals

    20+ years into this cymbal obsession - first time I think I've had the thought... But, I just picked up a pair of old pre-split Istanbuls, real old ones with the Stencil logos. Structurally they are great and not a ton of grime or use, but they stink a bit from mildew. Had them in my office...
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    Payment App Tax Rule Change (Paypal etc.)

    I was just reading up on the tax rule change going into effect in the US for any payments above $600 now being reportable to the IRS. I've never been a professional seller, but have surpassed that already this year with the sale of a drumkit and a handful of cymbals. I'm wondering how you all go...
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    Late 60s Gretsch White Marine Pearl

    Hi all, If one of you vintage Gretsch experts owners don't mind, could you please share a good clear photo of what late 60s Gretsch WMP wrap looked like. I am trying to determine if a tom I owned is rewrapped or not. The label serial number indicates 1967 or so. Thanks!
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    Gretsch RB Tom Badge Placement

    Quick question for the experts. I have an RB 12" tom. The badge is not perfectly centered height wise on the drum. The center point of the badge is about 4.25" from the top of one rim, and 4.75" from the top of the other rim. I realize exact measurements vary based on hoops and tightness, but...
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    Sold! Gretsch Round Badge WMP 14" Floor Tom

    Hey all, Been meaning to sell this for some time, but have been otherwise occupied. I just listed on Reverb but figured I'd give you all a crack at it as well. Details and photos here: https://reverb.com/item/43460671-gretsch-60s-round-badge-14-floor-tom-1960-white-marine-pearl-wmp Seems like...
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    OT: Home Stereo Equipment

    Here's an off topic post for you all. Figure there is enough knowledgeable folks here to get my question answer, and the post is general enough for others to add their own requests. I want a new dvd / cd player for the home stereo. I just retired a Phillips I bought no kidding in 2000 or so for...
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    Shipping Drums

    what size box do you guys ship a 20” bass drum in? Does a 22x22 cut it? Thanks
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    Paiste 6” 2002 Bell Chime

    Anyone have one of these? A Buddy new to cymbals really wants one, they seem to be discontinued? I really don’t know the difference between the bell chime, cup chime or accent cymbals, please educate me if you’re Paiste experts know, even if you don’t have one for sale.
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    Buying Used Mics

    Like many been getting into recording more in the last year. I'm thinking of spending some $ on some nice mics, but its still a relatively new thing for me. Got a line on a pair of Coles, for you experienced studio guys, any advice on what to be wary of with used mics, especially ribbons? Thanks!
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    Gretsch RB Kit Value

    I realize these threads can be controversial, so feel free to lock/delete if necessary, no hard feelings. I'm contemplating letting go my Gretsch RB 12/14/20 WMP. Will post some photos later on today if there are questions about condition. I'm just trying to establish some ballpark value...
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    New Rogers Hardware

    Anyone using the new snare, hi-hat, cymbal stands? I need another snare stand, mostly use light weight Canopus stuff and one old DW5000 that never leaves the house. Been thinking about trying out the new Roger's stuff just for kicks. They seem pretty light weight, how do they measure up to the...
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    Motu 896HD Digital Audio Interface

    Given all the discussions lately about home recording thought it would be worth posting this up here. These were around $800 when they were new, I bought it from a buddy when he upgraded his studio to UA hardware for $400 a few years back. Unfortunately I never got much of a chance to use it and...
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    New member erroring when signing in?

    I have a friend who has tried signing up, but is getting errors when he tries to login from multiple devices. Can anyone help out? thanks
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    24” Rogers Bass Drum Silver Sparkle

    Not in a huge rush on this, just thought I’d hang it out there. Not opposed to a marching drum, (Yorktown?). Thanks!
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    Wood hoops for 60s Rogers Kit

    I’m thinking about having Precision or the like make me some wood hoops for my 13” & 16” toms on my 60s Rogers Kit. I’ve had these drums for awhile but feel like I just got them dialed in and really love them. I figure this will kill off the itch I’m having for a big wood hooped kit, since I’m...
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    Bass drum spurs for vintage Ludwig 16” marching snare conversion

    Its an old drum, 16” x 12”, wood hoops but they are not wide enough for the newer dw clip on spurs. Maybe some danmars will work, but not opposed to drilling the shell, it’s not that nice. Anyone got something vintage-y sitting around? Thanks