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  1. thewedge

    I think I was mislead by a drum dealer, can I get some 2nd opinions - 1940s Slingerland Radio King

    Can add a few thoughts.... 1. I have NEVER heard of Steve being anything but the utmost in honest. 2. Having refinished a multitude of modern and vintage drums, I see this set as a borderline case teetering on that edge. Meaning, if the desire was to have a "Survivor" all-original kit as a...
  2. thewedge

    Best Drum head Combination for Power Toms..

    Clear Emperor over clear Ambassador...
  3. thewedge

    Fibes Austin Era. SOLD

    Good Lord man! What an amazing drumset and a crazy price. For the life of me I can't understand how this set hasn't been snagged. The Austin Fibes were absolutely top notch drums and just have that something only the late 80's and 90's Gretsch had IMHO. As someone said years ago...they have...
  4. thewedge

    SOLD--Dunnett R7 Roto Style 3 Position Throw-off

    Still for sale?
  5. thewedge

    Refinishing Gretsch USA Bassdrum

    Been refinishing drums a loooonnngggg time. LOL! Best shot is natural...don't even try it with a previously stained drum....you will not be able to pull the old stain enough or will sand through too much of a ply (or more) to get to workable wood that will take the stain. Another option I...
  6. thewedge

    Gretsch Techware Spur Solution

    Hola thrill seekers...been a good while since I posted on here...good to see ye old chaps still kicking! Before the Spur Solution bit...the backstory...rewind 21 years ago. I had been gigging and playing for years and had traded/bought/bartered my way into my absolute favorite kit ever. A...
  7. thewedge

    Yamaha Club Custom Black Swirl 22/16/12/matching snare *5/14/21 SOLD AND ON HOLD FOR A DF MEMBER.*

    These kits are some of the best sounding drums you will ever play and Top notch Yamaha Professional craftsmanship. Why they are not bought for this price is absolutely nuts.
  8. thewedge

    WTB: Yamaha Maple Custom 9x10 in Black Stain w/YESS

    Let me know if anyone has one sitting around they don't play and would be interested in selling. Joby
  9. thewedge

    Ludwig Classic Maple 3 Piece 24/16/13 Black Galaxy Sparkle

    WTF??????? Was trying to buy it and told last week he was keeping it. Now sold. Whatever.
  10. thewedge

    I'm curious. Let's start a thread on if you do or don't like 18" deep bass drums

    16x22, 14x24....optimal sizes for my playing in average sized shells. A thin well made kick then deeper works as you can make it happen with less energy than a thicker shell drum. For live playing rock or country...I can't see much better than a 14x24.
  11. thewedge

    Former Foos Drummer Not Happy With Dave Grohl

    This guy failed at business...nothing else. Sounds like he had no formal arrangement about being "In the band"...or rather "in the Business." Without that...he's simply contract labor to the entity who is defined as the business. Recurring story in any business...not just music. See Michael...
  12. thewedge

    New Recording Custom Owners: Any YESS tom choking?

    Can't see what the griping is all about. Snapped two short videos of a new RC 13" tom sitting on a tom arm attached to a kick. Thick two ply head (vintage emperor), a piece of moongel, and not even really tuned. What more are you looking for?
  13. thewedge

    So why don't people like the Recording Custom Bass Drum???

    Here's a pic of a new series edge...substantially sharper. Surprised me.
  14. thewedge

    New Recording Custom Owners: Any YESS tom choking?

    Don't know but the tom sound ridculous mounted on that YESS mount and attached a post coming out of the bass drum. Sounds massive...and tons of resonance. Can't see why messing around with the mount would produce anything you'd want more than that. Play em and enjoy them...Yamaha did a really...
  15. thewedge

    Yamaha is once again bringing back the Tour Custom line

    Inverted hoops...great idea....love the look when playing those style hoops.
  16. thewedge

    New Recording Custom Owners: Any YESS tom choking?

    With a 13...no difference on or off the mount.
  17. thewedge

    So why don't people like the Recording Custom Bass Drum???

    Ok looks like the new one pushed the crest in a ply but may be the light.
  18. thewedge

    So why don't people like the Recording Custom Bass Drum???

    RC kicks are fantastic...made for mics. Those are not identical edges BTW
  19. thewedge

    Ludwig Atlas Mounts and Atlas Arch

    Atlas Mount 3 pack - $80 shipped Atlas Arch -$80 shipped Buy both $150 shipped to Continental US *Both like new...used for basic configuration testing.