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    Does it matter what you hit as long as you have groove?

    For example, I've seen street drummers literally hit 5 gal buckets and pieces of metal and make a sick groove/beat I could dance to and/or make music to. And conversely, I've seen guys with amazing super expensive drum kits who completely miss the point, have no groove and are simply...
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    Notification bug

    When I am on my Android phone, every time I refresh the DFO page, the red notification number will pop up briefly next to the bell, and then disappear. Regardless of how often I had already viewed the page and clicked on my notifications.
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    OT- I started taking Salsa lessons

    I have never taken a dance class in my life. But I needed to get out of the house and a friend invited me. It was only 5 bucks. Anyhow I was struck by the focus on rhythm and timing, including finding the one and counting out the beats, timing specific moves to the groove pattern. In retrospect...
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    Putting used drum head on a different drum

    On one of the (many) drum tuning videos I've watched they said that if you take a drum head that's been seated on one drum and put it on another it might not seat properly and therefore sound bad(?). I have a new kit coming soon and instead of buying all new heads I would rather use some of the...
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    Nylon washers for tension rods?

    I recently heard this can improve how the drum sounds, since it eliminates the metal to metal contact on the area of most tension. It seems to make sense but I'm not entirely sure. Was wondering if any have had experience trying this? And how does it change the sound/is it worth trying?
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    Help identifying Pearl steel snare

    Internet search was not fruitful.. I found close ones but not identical.
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    All time favorite drummer and why- you can only pick one!!

    For me it's Danny Carey. Even before I had touched a drum kit he was mesmerizing me with his polyrhythms and musical playing.
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    Why do we love cymbals so much??

    So what got me thinking about this is that I'm a relatively new drummer (about 2 years on the kit) and I have a friend who's been drumming for roughly 20 years. He's actually in a band, while I am not currently. However, I seem to have a much greater appreciation for cymbal quality and sound...
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    Vintage cymbal with crack still valuable?

    Hello! New to the place around here. Also relatively new drummer. A buddy of mine gave me a stack of what he called cheap cymbals. Well most of them were cheap but then I found this guy in there... From my understanding it is a 1949 to 1950 k zildjian Istanbul 17 (EDIT- 18) inch,which appears to...