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  1. florian1

    MINT - 2021 Sonor Prolite 5x14 chrome over steel snare (with video)

    ah, excellent intel! I have a Sonor Designer Ferro and it is rolled (seamless)...was hoping this was the same. F
  2. florian1

    MINT - 2021 Sonor Prolite 5x14 chrome over steel snare (with video)

    is there a seam or is this a rolled drum?
  3. florian1

    Anyone seen Trainwreck: Woodstock '99?

    it was an aptly named show for sure. There is a lot of blame to go around...but not on the bands. F
  4. florian1

    OT: Any Airplane/Aircraft Owners in DrumForum Land?

    the fleet, in general, is pretty old. Not surprised theres a bunch of crashes. F
  5. florian1

    Porter and Davies working w/ roc N Soc nitro?

    yup...works just fine. F
  6. florian1

    OT: Any Airplane/Aircraft Owners in DrumForum Land?

    Commercial Pilot with Instrument and Multi-Engine ratings here. Not an owner, but rent on occasion F
  7. florian1

    Keplinger brass 7x14

    gra gracias!
  8. florian1

    Keplinger brass 7x14

    whats with the extra set of holes shown in pic 1?
  9. florian1

    69 year old PAT BENATAR still rockin'! Check out this video...Who's the drummer?

    we open our set with that song...goes over great. F
  10. florian1

    Best compliment you've received about your drumming?

    "you didnt suck as much today" F
  11. florian1

    Looking to 'Beef Up' a Snare Drum

    Ludwig Weathermaster Heavy....youll thank me later. F
  12. florian1

    sonor prolites

    love these, and soooooo close! F
  13. florian1

    Sonor Drum Thread official

    Top: My Iridium Diamond Ascents at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. They look great under the lights. Below: My SQ2s in Redwine Dunes - the day I got em home...didnt have a clamp/holder for the 8" tom. Not shown: S Classix in White Oyster Pearl...theyre at a studio across town. All kits are...
  14. florian1

    Yamaha Oak Custom - How Nice are These?

    those Paiste Masters sound awesome.
  15. florian1

    Paiste Signature Power Ride 22"

    that is a beautiful specimen...GLWS!
  16. florian1

    Exploring new bass drum beaters

    Been using Dominators for about a decade. They pound the hell out of the batter, but will never flatten or wear out... I use a Remo kevlar double patch with a moleskin strip over it. Works fine and you just replace the moleskin after a few months. F
  17. florian1

    Werkins 22" Cymbal bag

    still available F
  18. florian1

    Werkins 22" Cymbal bag

    that is exactly the one... F
  19. florian1

    Score Or Not

    the hoops are worth 100 bux...nice job!
  20. florian1

    Jenkins-Martin 13/16/22 Gold Sparkle - collaborative build with INDe hardware

    just down 77 from me....tempting.