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  1. microkit

    Which Drummaker Edge Matches Which Manufacturer?

    I may be a little weak on history, which is which?
  2. microkit

    Which metal snares have heavy/thick shells?

    I like the sound of some of the older Ludwig 15s I've heard, but I don't have $1000+ for a vintage snare (and if I did, it probably still wouldn't go to a vintage snare...). Which other metal drums are heavy? I'd love a 15" but for now I just want to know what's out there. I am familiar with...
  3. microkit

    Cymbals That Sound Like Ride Bells But Are Not Ride Bells

    Not trying to defy physics here, I know that a only a ride sounds like a ride, but I think these do 'pretty close' and I'm hoping to make a list and even learn new cymbals. Please no Ice Bells or thick shrill effects cymbals that ring forever, not the jam I am looking for. Paiste Shred Bell...