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    Fibes guys?

    Anybody know the name of this color? Almost looks like a brown diamond pearl. Looks great IMHO. When was it used?
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    Here is a nice example of a Fibes SFT snare. Chrome over fiberglass. Drum is correct, edges are fabulous and this thing sounds great from a whisper to a rifle crack. Buddy was right about these. Drum is way better than its age. 50 years or so. Has typical light imperfections.....not a lot. DFO...
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    Help Iding a Zildjian logo?

    I have a set of Zildjian hihats that somewhere in the transition era or thinstamp. Weights are 863g and 1029g The stamps are heavier on the z and co. but I just can't tell if they aren't just skewed thin stamps. HELP!
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    THIS ITEM HAS SOLD I bought 3 of these earlier this year. Never been played, just tuned up. Even though its a b stock, I couldn't find the flaw. Exterior is perfect in all its JOHN BONHAM glory! Yeah I said it. $425 net to me. $25 shipping conus....anywhere else contact me.
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    Another Summit build. Ludwig inspired.

    So, as I get deeper into building.....assembling and finishing drums I find myself wondering why I have not done this until now. The current project; 5.5 x 14 soling Mahogany with Maple rerings 2.3 rims triple flanged Ludwig throw and butt Dw nickle airhole Canopus baseball bat muffler repro (...
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    Chicago concert revue and a few pics

    Went to see Chicago for the first time since Tris Imboden left the band. Show opened with a local Chicago band called "Mistaken Identity". Like fingernails on a chalk board. So its basically an OLDER crowd and the opener comes out with a new song written by the guitarist called something like "...
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    Hoop mounted spade style tom holder id help needed

    Anybody know this one? The only clue is what looks like a Ludwig or WFL thumbscrew on the clamp? Any ideas?
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    Looking for super sensitive 14" mechanism complete

    Ideally for a 6.5 x 14. In great shape! Bottom rim also.
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    Soldsoldsold 2022 unplayed LB417b

    Unplayed. Blem is a light area of plating. Otherwise untouched. $549 + 25 shipping conus.
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    Ludwig 402B BONHAM! 2 UNITS FOR SALE

    A special deal for forumites Unplayed in original packing and box. I have 2 of these and 1 bb for sale $449 and $25 shipping FIRM Best deal anywhere.
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    Parts 3 and 4 of Nashville trip. Pearl drum co.

    PART3 So, 5 or six weeks ago I acquired a set of Pearl Mahogany Limited Edition drums. The set had some weird white lines under the lacquer. You couldn't feel them but you could see them. After asking and dealing with Pearl Nashville it was determined that this issue is known as "blushing". This...
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    Part 1 of 4 My trip to Nashville

    I'll start this off by saying I have had a blast in Nashville! Drums everywhere. I took a photo record of the trip and I was actually on a mission. I will explain later. Part 1.....Craviotto factory tour Part 2.....Forks drum closet Parts 3 and 4.....Pearl Nashville facility, custom shop, lots...
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    Catalogs and drum literature.

    I’m going to build myself a reference library of drum companies catalogs. Looking for Slingerland, Ludwig, Pearl, Gretsch, Rogers, Sonor, Yamaha, Camcorder. catalogs, price lists and supplemental inserts…..parts too. cash or trades…..
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    Floor tom and bongos have been sold Radio king pcs.

    1) I have a set of Radio King bongos. These do function and are all there but they are rough. The shells are thin and the tops of the lugs are pressing into the shells. There is some wmp loss on the center block. $125 shipped as is. Conus. 2) 12 x 14 tom tom. In respectable shape. Missing...
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    Kick is sold.Pearl Sessions Studio Select......mint

    Here is a really nice little Pearl Session Studio Select drumset. Alternating plies of birch and mahogany. Traditional sizes. 20", 12",14"ft and 16" ft. Color is Barnwood.....and gorgeous. Sort of a brown fade. $1395.00 $90 shipping conus. All things considered.
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    A little Maxwell eye candy!

    1)the first shot is a gold sparkle Craviotto Diamond series drumset. These are not solid shell but Cravs entry into the multi ply shell kits. The rest of the sets are pretty self explanatory. Last kit; Craviotto solid shell kit that Steve had built for himself. It is truly a stunning kit.
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    Soldsoldsold Pearl Wood-fiberglass rock set. 70's NICE SET!

    Clean as a whistle and collector correct. These drums sound like a million bucks. 24", 13", 14", 16"ft, 18"ft Mostly original heads. No dissappointments here. Wrap looks just like Rogers KOA $1165 Shipping conus $125 Always dealing, Gold teeth, livestock, things with motors, guitars, you name...
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    Problem in finish on 5 Pearl drums. Please look!.Help!

    I recently bought some Pearl Masters Mahogany drums from a forumite. I have zero issues with my transaction. It was smooth as silk. When I got the set home I discovered that the glue used at the exterior joint has reacted with something and made a white stripe on 5 of the 6 drums in this set...
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    Soldsoldsold......Mid 50's WFL in WMP.

    Mid 50's. All rims are COB and are spectacular. 22, 13, 16, 18 and 14" Super Classic.(trad. Sizing) 2 cymbal arms on kick Wfl. Snare stand, hihat and pedal are all Wfl as is the other flat base cymbal stand not shown. Except for the snare there are NOS Amrawco calf heads on all drums.22, 13, 16...
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    Met some Missouri drum brothers

    Big shout out to two fine drum brothers from the show me state! Had a lot of fun talking drums and buying drums with Gary Taylor and Dan Milligan. Incredible people with impressive gear. J highly reccomend both! They both suggested I go visit Fred Pierces drum studio in St. Louis. What a hoot...