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  1. Piggpenn

    Advertising and allowing ads sux

    Well this is disappointing. As of today I'm starting to see ads on every post. I had this sorted out since I'd joined up until today. Way to ruin a perfectly good website with garbage. Oh well.
  2. Piggpenn

    In the process of buying

    A new DW performance series drum set. To get what I wanted I had to order each drum separately. By doing so and using my Sweetwater discount system I did save several hundred dollars and got what I wanted. The reason for my post was at first I thought Sweetwater was selling me demos or open box...
  3. Piggpenn

    Ever heard of buying something because you paid something else off?

    UGH. I can't stop. Sweetwater should be breaking ground somewhere soon with a new warehouse. I offered to have it in my yard but it just wouldn't pass zoning. Starting small and building as I go. DW for the 4th time. I'll never learn. Something wonderful showed up at work today. I'm going to...
  4. Piggpenn

    WAAAY OT: My office was in the news

    This was local public news so I think it's ok to share. Not sure about forum rules. I can't say any more at this time other than there were no injuries or you might not have seen this from me. LOL...
  5. Piggpenn

    Blast from the past

    Found a couple of pictures from when I owned my 2nd E-Kit. Pictures are date stamped as well as the costumes. This was from a '70's theme party we played at in someone's garage. The hard case (where the bass drum usually sits) holds both my drum modules, power amp and EQ and all are...
  6. Piggpenn

    Last performance for 2021 for Hit List

    Here's a link to our show. https://www.rhythmcitycasino.com/event/2021/dec/hitlist.html Your drinks are on me if you say DFO.
  7. Piggpenn

    SOLD *Sabian 15" AA Hi-hats* SOLD

    Only used to try out 15" hats. They didn't help my expert ability to completely miss the hats while playing. Yes, I look rather ridiculous. Stuck in 14" land. lol https://reverb.com/item/42141895-sabian-15-aax-thin-hi-hat-cymbals-2021-brilliant-new-price-free-shipping-through-christmas Retail...
  8. Piggpenn

    SOLD *** Ludwig 3 pc. Blue Sparkle *** SOLD

    https://reverb.com/item/47773941-ludwig-custom-maples-2021-3-pc-shell-pack-more-photos $1895.00 local pick up
  9. Piggpenn

    EAD10 and the hack

    Spent a lot of the weekend with this device. Drums are in the basement, audio editor is upstairs. Very inconvenient to record a sample, take it upstairs to watch and see what tweaks need done. It's a long tedious process but I'm getting results. I set up the EAD10, running its outputs to the...
  10. Piggpenn

    My oldest grandson, Landon

    Just turned 14. Wasn't expected to survive since he was born 30 weeks early. (Another story, perhaps.) I have several recordings of him, these two are posted on FB. First one I believe he is about 3 and the 2nd he is about 7. Plus they have two of my favorite gigging kits, that I no longer...
  11. Piggpenn

    Side view sound comparison

    Between: Mapex Black Panther Maple Yamaha Recording Custom Brass Pearl Sensitone Brass
  12. Piggpenn

    Overhead view of sound comparison

    Between: Mapex Black Panther Maple Yamaha Recording Custom Brass Pearl Sensitone Brass
  13. Piggpenn

    EAD10 has landed

    My backorder that was due in February '22 showed up today. I hope to spend the weekend tuning up my new snares and getting this device up and running. I may be asking a ton of questions. I got the snare trigger as a package deal with the module. It's got to be 5:00 PM. somewhere. My local...
  14. Piggpenn

    We should all have problems like this. I'm thankful everyday!

    Which snare to use? Pearl Sensitone Brass Yamaha RC brass Mapex Black Panther Or Pearl Masters maple w/matching finish. I'm so thankful to have these opportunities.
  15. Piggpenn

    Human wanted. Preferably with bass guitar

    Must play bass and live close to me. LOL This is so aggravating. We are booking our band in local casinos and are also an "on-call" band since we can get to the two main casinos on short notice. That was the intended plan. However, our bassist being retired travels a lot. Apparently his wife...
  16. Piggpenn

    Another NGD

    More Pearl incoming. A couple more lingerers hitting the dock later this week.
  17. Piggpenn

    Behind the shield - for real

    Got some vids of our show Thanksgiving night. This is a real good indication of what I hear.
  18. Piggpenn

    NGD without a hitch

    Ordered some more candy for my Pearl Masters. I guess I'm a brand snob. I just couldn't put my Yamaha pedals, hats, snare and cymbal stands with my Pearls any longer. I'm sure it's some form of (fill in the blank) retention. A lot of work/fun for me tonight. Here's the score. Some drum gear...
  19. Piggpenn

    Thanksgiving night gig schedule

    My band Hit List will be performing at one of Iowa's largest casinos, Riverside, just south of Iowa City. We play from 7:30 until 11:00 PM. If anyone is near there, please stop in for a meet and greet. (I just made that up) Hope to meet some new faces...
  20. Piggpenn

    Who uses a rug where ever you have your drums?

    Do you have a rug dedicated to your drums or do you care? I have 3. One is usually under my practice kit. Another one is under my "whatever kit is in process" of something being done to it. Then I also have one for gigging. It stays rolled up with the gig gear. All came from the front door...